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The Bush Life
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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Getting back to NORMAL?

Yeah, right. My life is anything but, NORMAL,LOL. When my car died, my first thought was, "UH OH" then, survival mode set in. I had to think what I would do in this situation out on my remote homestead. The first thought is, what would I do if my snowmachine died, or the dogs got away from me. I would walk, I needed some gas for my generator which was on a Sunday so, I walked out to the highway with my gas can, stuck my thumb out and got a ride within 5 min. so, if you ever have to hitch hike take a gas can with ya, LOL. Got to the station, got my gas and some ribbing from the crew there, I went across the highway stuck out my thumb and WA LA another ride and this person took me all the way to the cabin. Which indicates there are still some good Samaritans around. Anyway, turns out there is a van service in my area and I took advantage of it to go to the store and to get water from the local spring. The cost was $10, which I thought was a bargain. Anyway, I was glad to figure a way to blog from my phone which is handy but, hard on the eyes even with glasses.

   As everyone who keeps up with my blog knows, I have been working on my wood pile and am still working on it although, I have been a bit lazy after getting ahead with firewood. I have taken quite a few photos since October and hadn't posted them yet. I want to build a small shop to work in so, I ordered a truck load of pitrun which is a mixture of big and small rocks, sand and dirt to put down as a base to build on. A truckload is about 5 Yards.

The truck couldn't angle in to drop it where I wanted it so, I hade to shovel it. It may not look like a lot but, it took me close to 5 hours to shovel it where I wanted it. Which is to the right of the pile.

After all the shoveling, this is the result.

   I did get half my deck down which I am building on.

The temps. are starting to go down, this is what it has been for a week or so.

Then, it started getting colder.

   Now it is back to 20 degrees this morning and the weather report says, it will get warmer and we are due a mixture of rain and snow tomorrow, MAYBE.

   I took some random photos around the property to show you what it looks like now.

Here are some random photos.

   I decided to buy a cord that plugs into my generator and to the batteries to charge so, I ordered it from a local Honda dealer and had them mail it to me. When it arrived these were included. The sign of a good company.

Well, I need to close for now, I need to go somewhere. Hope you enjoy this post. Take care.

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