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The Bush Life
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Monday, October 28, 2013


Thanks to those who replied about my testing. First of all, it is still pouring rain and it is reported that, it will rain this whole week. Hope not. I got bad news, my car basically died on me and it would cost way more than it's worth. I sold it yesterday to a guy for parts. So, now I am looking around. In the mean time, I did manage to get some wood cut. Now I have to figure out how to load photos from my phone. Anyway, I am here and doing well. I will sign off until I figure the photo thing. Thanks.


Eko said...

Kaunista... kaunista...
Terveisin ensilumen maasta.
Lumi on vesisateessa ja lämmössä tiukoiola...!

Anonymous said...

Mine truck went belly up in July. Sorry that happened.

I hope your high enough out there. They are saying flooding pretty much from Eagle River to some rivers in Telkeetna. This morning the count was 5" in 24 has been pouring here most of the day. I really hope it doesn't rain all week long...grrrr not that I have anything pressing to do out there but how frustrating. Glad to see you posting.


John said...

Hi Eko, thanks for stopping by. It's been awhile.

John said...

Hi wash, I'm high but not dry. This is plain crazy this rain.

Evano said...


Anonymous said...

Hey John
Sorry to hear about the car. Too bad there wasn't a simple solution. At least you got a couple $$ back out of it for parts. Glad to see you can blog from your phone.. I'm going to be forced to upgrade my phone to something current, my old flip flop is slowly croaking.
I was surprised it didn't rain today.. what a relief to have dry sunshine.. Got a couple outside projects completed.
Keep dry
Old John

John said...

Hi Evano, yes it is.

John said...

Hi John, go to Walmart and get Straight talk, unlimited everything and no contract, $45 per month. I managed to finish the pad for my shop. I think more rain on the way.