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The Bush Life
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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

It's been awhile

  Hi everyone, I know it's been about 2 weeks and I apologize for that. Thing is, I really didn't have much to say. I had a couple of nice days and had to spend them working on projects. It's been nothing but rain here and it really got me down because, it was putting my projects aside. Anyway, it stopped raining this morning for awhile and suppose to start up again this afternoon.
  I cleared out a bunch more trees.



  As everyone knows, I have been cutting up and carrying out the trees I cut last year but, because of the rain, I haven't got that much out.

I did manage to build another deck, it is 8x10 and it turned out pretty good. The bend in the middle has been corrected.

I have enjoyed sitting on it day and evening when it wasn't raining.

  As everyone knows, I cannot complete a project without casualty, LOL. I tripped over a stump moving the deck in place.

On my way out to the outhouse one night, it was pretty dark and got the bright idea, it needs light. I went to Lowes and found these solar lights and really like them and they are pretty bright.

I put in a new floor and some 16x16 slate pieces under the wood stove. Sorry, it's a bit blurry

Not sure why the blurriness but, I will correct it when I can. Yesterday, I got a truck load of pit run to fill in a space and as a base for a shop I am going to build. The following pictures are the two decks I will connect together for the floor.

And, this is where it will sit.

I took some random photos

I usually put nuts out for my buddy, I have him trained so, when I say come, he does.

This Magpie discovered the nuts and decided to take advantage of a free meal.

It's nice to see something other than Chickadees and Camp robbers. Although, this Woodpecker showed up. He is a bit hard to see. He is close to the top of the post.

We had a couple of chilly mornings, 2 in a row.

These are more photos after cutting the rest of the trees down.

Sorry again for the blurry photos. I can't hang out and longer, have to get back and do some work before the rain hits again. I will try not to take so long in posting after this. Take care everyone.


Anonymous said...

I've been following your blog for awhile now. You're living the life many of us guys say would love to live ... but aren't courageous enough to do. My hat is off to you.

Now if I remember correctly you've mentioned that you have a place in town and then this cabin which is somewhere more remote. I assume you don't have utilities like electricity.

So I'm assuming you need to travel to get to a place that has an internet connection you can use. Just curious as to how far you have to travel to get to the location. Which brings up another question. Is there cellphone service out where you are at. Hmmmmph the nerve of me to ask < *grin* >. Comes to mind because I was recently reading an article about Mongolia. Here I thought everyone lived in Yurts and very nomadic. Turns out that cellphone service is available all over the country.

Thoroughly enjoy reading your blog. Take care.

Thank you for taking the time to post.

Anonymous said...

Hey John
Was wondering when you'd pop up again. Nice Deck, Bet that is very enjoyable to set out there in the eve now that the ..... bugs have calmed down. You have obviously been busy with a chain saw lately.. You got some firewood to buck-up and get stacked.. Things got a little rushed around here after that first snow, getting the boats put to bed for the winter; getting the garden harvested and put up or in the freezers, etc... Things have kinda calmed down now.. altho I still have a pretty long honey-do list. Should try to get up your way to visit one of these days.
Was wondering if your camera isn't auto focus? you might need some kind of adjustment there. When we were in "WestPac" my 35mm camera would fog up due to the high humidity. We'd get back a roll of film that was all "foggy" and I'd put the camera in the gas oven and let the pilot light dry it out.. Got lots of "fuzzy" photos in 35mm slides, and even tho they are unclear, we keep them just because of the sentimental value...
Stay Dry
Old John

John said...

Hi Anonymous, glad you are enjoying my posts. I have a town cabin that I am presently working on. When there, I have to travel 22 miles round trip to use my laptop at the local community center. I have a remote cabin about 50 miles away which there are no roads to. I will wait to see if my new cell service works out there. I have no electricity or plumbing. Hope you stick around.

John said...

Hi John, as far as the camera, it's an operator problem. I just need about a week of no rain to catch up. I suspect you have been busy yourself. I had a lot of Nam photos and to this day, have no idea where they went. Come up on a nice day and we can sit on the deck and have a Corona.

Anonymous said...

Yep, hate the NEVER ENDING RAIN....AKK. Hoping to have the new entry enclosed by the end of this weekend, inclusive of windows and a door with a lock on it.

I love the new deck. Looks great actually. I'm so glad your bruise didn't come from falling off a ladder. I was wondering if you were trying to test out and see if you had nine lives. LOL. Seriously, I'm in that fall off the ladder group now too. I can sympathize.

Glad our back posting. Was wondering how you were.


John said...

Hi wash, welcome to the falling off the ladder family, lol. If I have 9 lives, they are dwindling. I like the deck also. With all you are doing, you should have a blog yourself.

wvhiker said...

Hey John.
I'm with you on the blogging time and rain. Seems there's not too much going on to say. And the rain really hits me too. We had a ton of it this year and actually is raining and 52 degrees right now. Keep plugging along as we all do!

John said...

Hi hiker, it didn't rain yesterday but, is schedualed for today and rest of the week. Stay tuned

dawn Hughes said...

Great to see you back. I was getting worried as it had been a while. I love the deck and bet it is wonderful to sit on and enjoy. The birds and wildlife would be mesmorizing to watch. How have the bugs been, I know you had issues with them earlier in the year? Enjoy, stay dry and take care.

John said...

Hi dawn, nice to hear from you. The bugs have been gone for quite awhile. They have been replaced by rain. Hope things are well with you.

CottonLady said...

Hi John
Looks like you have been pretty busy since last blog post. A new deck, clearing trees, a new floor and even taking pictures. Love the lights on you outhouse! Your getting right modern there!

Your feathered and furry friends are good company, aren't they?! Enjoyed all your photos.


John said...

Hi Cotton, yep, being real busy trying to get things done before the snow flies. I figured solar lights on the outhouse would come in handy.

Anonymous said...

John, I do have a blog, but never have made it public. I'm very hap-hazard about blogging. Oh, you all say the bugs are gone....not quite, while finishing up the entry we killed about 15 skeeters and while up on the ladder, my son in law was swarmed with a bunch of bugs...LOL He said the same thing last night.

Entry done for now except the foam insulation.


John said...

Hi wash, a secret blog? Do you get any followers? Glad all my bugs are gone. I can now get some work done.

Anonymous said...

Lol I just never made it public. No followers, not sure how to if that. I have a lot of make up posting to do here soon for what was done for this summer. When I go back and post this summers activities I will see if I can connect you to it.


Anonymous said...

Hiya John hope all is well and your getting lots work done now.Been sick for a while and thought I would check see whats going on.The weather here is finally fall,lower temps and much cooler nights.Seems like yesterday I was complaing about the heat lol.Hope your phone works when you go to your remote cabin cant imagaine not being able to holler help if I needed to.Hope your never have to....does someone check on you while your there sinse your alone?Well John take care of yourself and I will catch cha later...Bert from Bama

John said...

Hi bert, there is cell service there with the right company. Yes, others do check on each other. It is a good network out in the Bush. Nothing but rain here.

SusieQT said...

Hi John, good to hear from you. I think about you up there every once in a while now that it is getting colder. Snow flurries are in the air sometimes when we're up at our cabin deer hunting. Take care!

John said...

Thanks suzie, it's really good to hear from you. I really should keep up on all the blogs and I am really trying.