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The Bush Life
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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Some new changes

  First of all, the weather has changed dramatically, sorry forgot to take pictures of the thermometer. For the past week  it has been raining, drizzling and the temps. have been from 50 degrees to 70 degrees, very pleasant. The mosquitoes? Yep, still here. I am hoping the temps won't change back to that awful high temperatures.
  I am glad I cut all those spruce trees down last year, now I am getting some nicer trees growing.

  I will cut more of the Spruce trees so more nicer trees will grow.

  I have pretty much did as much as I could to stop the Mosquitoes from coming in, I re-screened my eaves and built a screen door. It turned out pretty good and works.

  I got really tired of looking at the very blah carpet I bought and installed so, a friend of mine changed out the carpet in one of her rooms and gave it to me along with the padding. I really like it and it gives the cabin character, I think.



  With the padding, it is real comfortable, I slept on the floor last night to test it and it passed. I haven't been doing much outside because of the mosquitoes. Hopefully they will start becoming less and less. Like my cardboard drawers? LOL

  I want to wish everyone a

                     Happy Independence Day.


Evano said...

Nothing like that heat here John.
Your place is looking great!

Carol G said...

I think you must like the 1970s look :). As long as you like it, I like it. I see you must have put your wood stove away for the summer... What's next?

Rumbarr said...

70's look , that's what I was thinking, now he needs a lava lamp and all set hehe =)

John said...

Hi Evano, it still was very hot. One day this cabin will be done.

John said...

Hey Carol, it's not about the 70's, it's about being free and comfortable. It brightens the place a bit more. Maybe a Disco Ball is next, lol.

John said...

Watch yourself Rumbar, I might show up on you doorstep with a Grizzly bear. LOL

grammie g said...

Hi John...Glad it has cooled down, but you weather has been so much like our's!! We have started heating up again, after a cool period with rain GRRR. !!
Humidity and temps back into the 80's with thunderstorms!!
Well those new trees coming up may invite some different birds around for you to see!
Good job on the screen door, you sure need that with the mosquitoes, about ready to carry you of : )!

Surprise for those who are commenting the 70's, orange is back in, and if it is free and comfortable more power to ya!!...maybe pass on the disco-ball ; ) !
Take care

CottonLady said...

Your cabin looks great and comfortable, John. Like the new carpet, tho I did like the old too, as blue is my favorite color. I have had cooler weather this week, too, and enjoyed a nice little shower this afternoon. Freshened things up. Will be back up to almost 100* next week.

Love your new trees and you did a great job on the screen door. Not many mosquitoes here right now but have biting flies. Drive a person crazy, and my dog, too.

Take care....blessings!

Anonymous said...

Hiya looks nice but I think it has more of the "Man Cave" decor lol....especially like the cardboard shelves :) just needs a little duct tape to give it strength...hey it looks like a man lives there who has all he needs ...go for it John.Careful of those pesky skeeters and the West Nile Virus...glad you put up the screens.Well take care and all jokes aside you did a good décor job... Take care..Bert from Bama

John said...

Hi grammi, sorry you have to put up with those temps. But, better you than me, lol. I hope those trees bring some nice birds. I won't such beautiful birds like on you blog. Those people are jealous because they don't have a " that 70's place". LOL

John said...

Thanks Cotton, obviously a woman with good taste. I sure hope the weather doesn't get that hot again here. Take care

John said...

Thanks Bert, I guess you can tell a man lives here. The cardboatd is temporary. Take care Bert.

becky3086 said...

Everyone needs a change now and then. Our house doesn't get many changes. When I clean it, it looks different though, lol.

John said...

LOL, that's funny Becky and so true. My cabin gets turned upside down at times being so small.

wvhiker said...

I like the décor myself. Stay happy and it will carry you through. That's what I keep telling myself. Lol. Keep at it.

John said...

Thanks hiker, that's very good advice. Stay kool

Anonymous said...

Hey John
looking pretty sharp man.. Like the new carpet. Looks exactly like what we put in the house we build in Chugiak in '78. The wife picked it out and at first I thought we were crazy, but we liked it and so did everybody else, at least they said they did...!
Not many skeeters out on the salt water John.. Just took the grandkids to Homer, hunting halibut. 10 year old grand daughter caught a nice (maybe 50 lb) halibut. Choice "winter meat" for sure..
this cloudy wet wx is nice in one way, but it isn't doing anything to discourage the darned mosquitoes... I hate to use bug spray, but I've already donated too many quarts to the thirsty little beggars... it's long sleeved shirts, long pants, cap and gloves for the uniform of the day...!!!
take care..
old John

John said...

Hey John, hope you all did well fishing. Bet the granddaughter was giddy. I could do without all the rain myself but, do need it to help control the fires and get some plants growing.

Carol G said...

I didn't mean the 70s comment to be hurtful. (I did follow it up with a smile... and said I like it if you do...that is what matters.) My what's next meant, what are your next plans now that you've finished your remodel?

John said...

It's ok, I didn't take it as a bad comment

Anonymous said...

Hiya John hope your weekend was a good one.Went to church came home ate lunch and died in my recliner for 4 hours no less lol...but definitely feel rested,dont get to do that too often,catch it when ya can I say.Hope your weekend was peaceful and restful.Well our rain is gone and hot 90 degree weather ahead this week.Think im going to just sip lots of ice tea and do ah lot of porching under the ceiling fan.Maybe catch up on reading.Do you like to read?I like mystery,&western novels and history.Waiting for new pics from your area and all the beautiful scenery.Love your post John and your way of life...Take care John..Bert from Bama

Anonymous said...

John where are You ?????

Anonymous said...

John where are you??????? Bert from Bama