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The Bush Life

The Bush Life
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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Living Remote

  I decided to write something about living a remote lifestyle because, I have talked with people, women mainly who don't understand why or think it is a dirty lifestyle. I feel I should try to inform people.

   Living a remote lifestyle is certainly not for everyone, there are people who don't understand it or don't want to. These are mainly people, in my opinion,who have never known what it is like to enjoy the Wilderness and are to use to having everything at their fingertips or given to them.

    Living remote gives you a sense of security, individualism, peace and accomplishment. There is something satisfying about building your own cabin, putting in a garden and hunting your own meat. Enjoying the quiet, clean air and clean water. Living remote allows you to think clearer and invent ways to make life a little easier.

     I also believe it it allows you a more healthy life, the physical work, as well as the mental aspect. I believe it allows you a better relationship with your significant other in sharing everyday chores and thoughts, you both become an equal. 

     Living remote is not all work as well, there are times when you and/or significant other will take time out for a Winter or summer camping trip allowing you to explore Nature and Wildlife climb mountains explore rivers, you will see things that most people will never see in their lifetime and enjoy what is left of our Great Land.

     Many people think, because you don't have modern plumbing, you tend to live an unclean life and that is not the case. I say we live a much cleaner life because, most everything we do is natural. Our meat, fish, vegetables, berries and wild foods are not filled with additives. Our outhouses if used right, don't stink and majority keep their cabins clean. 

       I could go on and on but, I figured I would give you a general idea. I think I will keep posting about life in the Wilderness on regular basis. Once a week I will write something. I also invite those of you who live remote or don't add something or ask a question in the comment section, I am convinced it will make for a good read.

      Thanks to all who stop by and just read or comment. I hope I can make it an interesting read.

Take Care

Monday, April 22, 2013

Slow Spring

Well, it would be nice if Spring would just march in and take over. It is really late this year and slowing down my projects I wanted to get done so, I can head out to my lake property and get to work. This will give you an idea what it looks like here.


Here I am helping Mother Nature out, 3 hrs. I chipped

When I was done, I sat down to a nice ice cold Corona

Maybe I should do more work to get rid of that Winter overhang,LOL  Dinner really completed the day. Grilled Halibut and sauteed peppers, onions and mushrooms.

I bought 2 new outdoor Solar Lights, they work really well. They come on at dusk and stay on all night, not bad for $7 a piece.

I took a couple of random shots

This morning, I was looking out my picture window when low and behold,  I saw something moving very quickly. Yep, an Ermine

Last night, I made homemade Chicken noodle vegetable soup and threw the skin and bones out for the Ravens. This little guy decided to confiscate them for himself. He is the first one I have spotted since I bought this property. I enjoy these little guys, they are fun to watch.

 I hope I have entertained you and maybe bring a little something in your day and give you an an idea how things can be fun when not in the city. Take care

Thursday, April 18, 2013

My plans

  Hi everyone, it would seem that Winter is holding on here. Although the day temps. have been hovering around +40 to +50,  the nights are still in the freezing range. The night temps are staying anywhere 0 to 14 degrees. So, the snow is not going away anytime real soon. The sun and heat has made walking very slippery. I still have to put a log or two in the stove to take off the chill. Now for my plans.
  As soon as it warms up enough, I plan to paint and roof my town cabin. In the meantime, I am picking up stuff like eating utensils, dishes, frypans and so on for my remote cabin and enough dry and can foods for a month. I plan to take these things out there as soon as the lake is free of ice. I want to go out and set the small cabin up for use and spend 2 to 4 weeks cutting firewood for next Winter. The firewood is the most important thing right now. I think 2 to 4 weeks, I should have a good supply to start.
  As I have said before, I have enough material to completely build and enclose a 16x16 cabin. Well, my plans have changed. I am going to add onto my small cabin and during the Winter, haul logs to my property and next year build a log cabin instead. It just came to me a few days ago when I was sitting on my deck in the sun at 50 degrees having an ice cold Corona [didn't have a lime] but, it tasted good anyway. Doing this would give me enough building material for other projects rather than buying new material or having to freight more in. Besides, I would rather have a log cabin anyway.
  Since my last post, I haven't been doing to much, mostly sitting out in the sun and doing a bit of Spring cleaning. I'm hoping with my new plans, I will start getting more people to read my blog. I miss quite a few of those who were reading my posts when I started it. I know I haven't kept it as interesting. It will change soon. COME BACK EVERYONE.
  I do really appreciate all of you who have stuck it out through the fun and the boring. Take care everyone.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I love breakup

Well, I believe breakup is here and starting although, I hear we may get some snow sometime this weekend, bummer. It won't last with these warm temps. It has been hitting the 50 degree mark everyday but, the nights have been cold 10 to 12 degrees, last night it stayed 30. I have started cleanup and decided not to bore all of you with the usual around the cabin photos, I am tired of them myself. I have decided in the next few days, to pack some food and take a trip a little farther North and take some photos that hopefully you will enjoy more. I do need to get away to cure my Cabin Fever. Soon, I will be going out to my remote property and working on the new cabin, that should interest everyone. Anyway, I will close so I can go outside and enjoy the warm sunny day. Happy Breakup everyone.