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The Bush Life

The Bush Life
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Monday, March 4, 2013

Well, Spring is coming

The weather is getting warmer and I heard the weather gal say we might get rain on Thursday. Ain't that special. Haven't had to do any shoveling, got tired of that and just put my snoeshoes on and tamped it all down, much easier on the back.
  I did get the vapor barrier up on my ceiling, should have done that a while ago. Sure makes a difference warmth wise.

Still working on my night shots

That is snow you see

I liked this shot, a fog started to roll in

This also was a pretty cool shot

Denali just coming out from the overcast

No matter how long a person lives in Alaska, you still have respect for such a creation.

The Red Polls are coming in droves, he moved

He didn't

The return of the Red Poles and this little guy says Breakup

Whoops! Forgot these guys

I don't really have much to say but, by Friday, I should have more to tell and show. Later


Evano said...

Nice pictures John.

John said...

Thanks Evano

Carol G said...

Glad you posted anyway. Seems I can't get in the mood to blog lately. I got a new haircut. Maybe I'll blog about that one of these days.

John said...

Hi Carol, that's a great idea. Talk about what led up to getting a haircut.

Anonymous said...

nice photos John. Great shots of Denali! I've taken a lot of pictures of that Mtn from the middle of the Big Su. But the photos never turn out quite in the detail one hopes for. Plus they usually have a pink glow.

Bet that Moisture barrier cut back on firewood consumption.
Old John

Anonymous said...

Like how the cabin looks, with the paint it is a whole lot brighter..nice...some of your critters are unfreezing I I have had about 5 or 6 of them show up since the temps have been like 47 degrees...LOL

Anonymous said...

Beautiful shots of the mountain. Pictures, I'm sure, don't do it justice.


John said...

Hi John, the plastic does make a difference.

John said...

Thanks Anonymous

John said...

Thanks R, nothing like the real thing.

Alberta said...

John love following your post and hearing about your part of the world in alaska.Love the pictures ,especially your frozen John lol...from way down south in Alabama....Bert

John said...

Hi Bert, thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you enjoy my blog. It does get better.