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The Bush Life
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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Progress at last

As the days are getting better weatherwise, I have taken on a new energy. I have finally got the inside of the cabin painted and pictures back on the walls.



Evening pictures with oil lamps

I really like the new look, it is much more brighter and not as cluttered. The ceiling is next and then the outside walls and roof. I also took some shots of the Red Polls who have returned. There are so many I added a feeder from firewood just below the window.

This is a shot of a bird getting run off by the bird feeding.

Theguy on the right got chased off also

This guy figured out how to jump up and take over but, eventually was run off by the birds.

The temps have been pretty warm the past week which allowed me to clean off the pole barn and my roof.

OOPS! Forgot to take a photo of the roof, I know you all were looking forward to seeing my roof,LOL. I got playing around last night and took some outside pics, they say, "Practice makes perfect" These pics were taken about 9:30pm

The brighter light is my outdoor solor lamp

With flash

I will say, the mornings have been really nice, running around 26 to 32 degrees. This morning was a surprise, it was 0 degrees. By the way, I appreciate some of you sending me messages about sled dogs that are available but, I won't be getting any until the Fall as, I don't want to get them too early and have them hanging out during the summer just eating. Fall is better, I can start running and training them in cooler temps and be ready to run for the Winter. If you really want to help, send me available BUSH WOMEN, LOL.

That's all folks, John


CottonLady said...

Your cabin looks great, John! You've been hard at it and it shows. It's amazing what paint can do.

Your little birds and squirrel friends are cute. I have purple and house finches, doves and red-winged blackbirds at my feeder.

Like your night shots of the trees and your cabin, too. Good work!

Can't help you on the 'wimen'!! :)

wvhiker said...

Cabin is really taking shape! Looking good. Sorry but can't help on the bush women!

Anonymous said...

Man the cabin looks great. It makes a real difference.

The flash works excellent too.

I wouldn't mind having a bush woman myself.. Nothing like a back country girl!

John said...

Hi Cotton, I gotta tell ya, no wonder painters get big money. I wish I had more different birds. I need to read my camera manual and use my tripod more. That's ok on the wimin

John said...

Thanks hiker

John said...

Thanks Anonymous, hard to find a good ole back to basic gal.

Evano said...

Looks kinda fancy!
What happened to your bed?

Glad to hear you are getting some sunlight.
Good to hear from you too!

John said...

Hi Evano, it is fancy, I'm a fancy kind of Bush man, lol. Wasn't much space left so, I set it up when I need it.

Carol G said...

Hi John,

I was wondering the same about the bed...maybe you need a hide-a-bed couch or a bunk that is built into the wall that folds up during the day...

I think the place looks much more homey now.


John said...

Thanks Carol, I have been looking for a free or cheap hide a bed or futon. It's all good.

Anonymous said...

Love it... Looking great. Still like the new wood stove better. LOL You could at least see the fire.

We use to train our dogs on bikes in the summer time that way they got exercise and we did too.


John said...

Hi Wash, I liked the new stove also, just didn't work for me.

Anonymous said...

You really brightened the place up with the paint job and the reorganization.

I'm surprised you don't see a few pine Grossbeaks in your feeders. We used to get a pair of Stellar Jay's at our feeder when we lived near Homer. Haven't seen one around here. we do get a Nuthatch or 3 sometimes.

Keep thinking breakup will start any day with this bright sunshine, but when the day starts out at +10 don't think break up is starting yet,.,''
Old John

John said...

thanks John, I wish I had some different birds here. The temps here have been -10 to 0. What a change.

Anonymous said...

A futon and or a hid a bed is soooo uncomfortable..tried that. I still can't believe the difference that the paint made. I'm impressed.


John said...

Thanks Wash, I can tell ya, I have slept on a great number of things including land and rocks.

Anonymous said...

Ok maybe a bit better than rocks...LOL


Anonymous said...

Your messages have been hacked. My washkeeton account was also hacked and not sure of what messages were sent but I'm sure I didn't send them....


John said...

thanks wash, will get to the library soon to figure it out.