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The Bush Life

The Bush Life
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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Darn, a bit overdue

Hi everyone, I think I am a bit late in posting. Sorry about that. It has been snowing big time here, not to mention very cold and I just wasn't in the mood to travel to the library. Doesn't mean I haven't been doing anything or taking pictures, I have. Once again, I forgot to transfer my pictures the computer. Last night or, I should say very early this morning sometime, my wood stove went out and it was -20 outside and about the same inside. I was so tired I didn't wake up and was quite warm under all my quilts. But, when I did crawl out, it was freezing. I was having a bit of trouble getting the fire going so, I grabbed my lamp oil, and that did the trick. The fire was roaring. The weather gal here said, the warm temps are coming back and I am ready for breakup. For those of you who don't understand "Breakup" that is when everything starts melting, rivers and creeks start flowing and the birds are migrating back and that grumpy old bear is coming out of hibernation and I mean grumpy. Anyway, I'm back, staying warm and happy to see the sun and warm weather coming. We are now into our 12hrs. of daylight. I will get back to ya all real soon. Take care

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Progress at last

As the days are getting better weatherwise, I have taken on a new energy. I have finally got the inside of the cabin painted and pictures back on the walls.



Evening pictures with oil lamps

I really like the new look, it is much more brighter and not as cluttered. The ceiling is next and then the outside walls and roof. I also took some shots of the Red Polls who have returned. There are so many I added a feeder from firewood just below the window.

This is a shot of a bird getting run off by the bird feeding.

Theguy on the right got chased off also

This guy figured out how to jump up and take over but, eventually was run off by the birds.

The temps have been pretty warm the past week which allowed me to clean off the pole barn and my roof.

OOPS! Forgot to take a photo of the roof, I know you all were looking forward to seeing my roof,LOL. I got playing around last night and took some outside pics, they say, "Practice makes perfect" These pics were taken about 9:30pm

The brighter light is my outdoor solor lamp

With flash

I will say, the mornings have been really nice, running around 26 to 32 degrees. This morning was a surprise, it was 0 degrees. By the way, I appreciate some of you sending me messages about sled dogs that are available but, I won't be getting any until the Fall as, I don't want to get them too early and have them hanging out during the summer just eating. Fall is better, I can start running and training them in cooler temps and be ready to run for the Winter. If you really want to help, send me available BUSH WOMEN, LOL.

That's all folks, John

Friday, March 8, 2013

Clean up

I just started the first part of my Spring cleanup. The first thing was remove the frost from the outhouse, it's annoying sitting in there and getting dripped on.

Make sure to clean the seat off also.

Ahhhh! Much better

Then it was time to clean out the wood stove stack. I couldn't get a picture of me doing that, not enough time to climb the latter and get the brush down the stack,LOL. But, I see my China Cap took a beating this winter. It started out new.

I didn't want to drive long distance for one, so, I improvised and gave it a temporary fix.

Duct tape does wonders

I took a trip into Willow and someone is doing a really cool snow sculpture.

It's not completed yet, this will be the sled

There is a guy who does wood scultures and he made this chair.

The weather has been pretty warm, the nights are around 20 degrees and the days 40 degrees. I will be real busy this weekend so, my next post should be interesting. Hope everyone is enjoying the weather. Take care.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Well, Spring is coming

The weather is getting warmer and I heard the weather gal say we might get rain on Thursday. Ain't that special. Haven't had to do any shoveling, got tired of that and just put my snoeshoes on and tamped it all down, much easier on the back.
  I did get the vapor barrier up on my ceiling, should have done that a while ago. Sure makes a difference warmth wise.

Still working on my night shots

That is snow you see

I liked this shot, a fog started to roll in

This also was a pretty cool shot

Denali just coming out from the overcast

No matter how long a person lives in Alaska, you still have respect for such a creation.

The Red Polls are coming in droves, he moved

He didn't

The return of the Red Poles and this little guy says Breakup

Whoops! Forgot these guys

I don't really have much to say but, by Friday, I should have more to tell and show. Later