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The Bush Life
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Saturday, January 19, 2013

OK, as I promised

I know, I said Friday but, things didn't work out that way. I'm here now. To start we did get a lot of rain and the temp. jumped way up.


The road got slushy

With the warm weather, my trees that got buried started showing up.

Then, the snow came back

Yep, you guessed it, time to shovel the snow again. It wasn't as bad as last Winter.

Oh! High there

Disaster almost struck, we had gotten a very wet snow and it weakened one tree enough to almost fall on my cabin. Good thing I spotted it and made a controlled fall. Whew! Now,that was close.

A woman started a dating magazine a few years ago called "ALASKA MEN" mostly well groomed guys from the road system. I was asked to pose for another magazine called "REAL ALASKA MEN" { we put moose on the table, not in our hair, LOL}. Contain yourself ladies.

Yes, I was joking. Yesterday, as I was looking out my window, seems like hundreds of "RedPolls" decended on my feeders. They were fun to watch.

The pictures do get better.

I think this guy liked mugging for a picture.

Took this one this morning.

There really isn't to much going on at this point. I ran out of paint and need to go to town...UGH! to get more. The temp. this morning is 16 degrees. Hope everyone is staying warm. I think this is a good day to make soup. Later.


becky3086 said...

We woke up cold here this morning though it wasn't 16, it was still cold. We actually had a chance for a little snow the other day too but never got any.

Anonymous said...

LOL love that pose pic...but with a car? HEHE. Woke up the other day to -7, actually thought winter had come back. LOL. Good luck on finding Mrs. Right.


Carol G said...

After the mess that 39 degrees made around here this weekend, I'm appreciating the cold temps. Alaska is not quite ready for break-up! I'm glad you have some little bird friends. I loved your comment about moose being put on the table - not in the hair. Funny!

CottonLady said...

Ohhh, Jooohhhnnn, you hadnsome devil you, in that pose!! Love it!
(gotta tease you a little bit!)

I do like the picture of you in your header. The red polls and little junco look like they are good company. I enjoy my birds, too. Have just one pair of dark-
eyed juncos here this winter. Have lots of house and purple finches and my feeder is just out my window, too.

You are so fortunate that you caught that tree before it hit your cabin. Had to chuckle at the pic of towing the canoe! Inventive!

Enjoyed all your pictures...snow and all. It got up to 60 here today. Earlier in the week we had a couple of days of 12 at night and 22 for a high in the daytime. Pretty cold for NW Texas.

Take care...blessings!

Anonymous said...

Great to see your pictures John! Love the pose you stuck on your car!~Cristi

John said...

Hi Becky, 16 is a good number especially for traveling.

John said...

Oh Wash, it was a spur of the moment kind of thing.

John said...

Hey Carol, thanks. Just goes to show my fun side.

John said...

LOL! Thanks Cotton, I knew I could count on a well thought out response.

John said...

Hi Cristi, thanks, glad to see you are still around.