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The Bush Life
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Friday, November 30, 2012

Hi ya all

OK, OK,I know I said I would post more often and have been slacking off. I have been pretty busy though. To start out with, this is my new camera.

It is a really nice camera, it is smaller than my last one and it has all the capabilities as the last one and more.

It is 16 megapixals with a 26x optical zoom. It is lightweight and easier to handle, not so bulky like my last one. The telephoto is above the handle and the wide zoom is on the side of the lens. I am really enjoying it. The cost is not bad either, $229. This is my Christmas present to myself this year.
  I took a couple of shots of the moon the other night.

Here was dinner last night. Pork chop, instant mash potatoes, dried mushrooms, reconstituted. Don't get any better than that. Or does it? LOL. I also changed my woodstove around, not sure if I had mentioned it before.

Woodstove close up with new camera.

I am doing some major renovations inside but, I wanted to wait a bit before I post more pictures. I think you will like what I am doing inside. I also plan to run Christmas lights around the roof of the cabin to make it more cheerful.
  The one thing I have done of which I am glad is, I got rid of my MTA cell service. It was way to expensive and I was always getting drop calls. I found a new service which is far better. Straighttalk, they have 2 plans and no contract. The $30 plan, you get 1000 nationwide minutes, Internet and 1000 texts. The $45 dollar plan, unlimited nationwide minutes, Internet and texts. They operate through AT&T. It is a great deal. Anyway, I am still around and will be back Monday. Take care. Wish for snow.


Terria Fleming said...

hi John, Some great photos today and I'm glad you're doing good things with your life. I totally get the being too busy too post, it's been like that for me for months now. Take care and sweet and happy holidays to you.

wvhiker said...

Hey John. Camera seems to do a great job. And I'm not sure I want snow here in NC yet!

Anonymous said...

Good looking Camera. Great pictures. I'm with you on the snow. People in Anchorage are beginning to worry about frozen water lines if we don't get some insulation and soon. I understand people are riding snowmachines on the river now, but it's awful rough without any snow for padding.
Old John

Na Na said...

How do you do it? Simple photos and a simple cabin become so extremely interesting. Even a photo of a stove has me wanting to see more.

becky3086 said...

I'll admit I am rather amazed at your wood stove sitting so close to the wall with nothing to protect the wood (this is not a criticism just an observation). We always surrounded ours with some metal of some kind and put it up on bricks. I love how small that stove is and it gives me hope that we could one day have one here if I could just find one that small.
The camera looks great. I have bought myself some presents this year as well. Things I have wanted for a long time.

CottonLady said...

Your camera looks nice, John. I really like your new header photos and your night time photos. Your cabin's lookin' good and cozy. I want your stove, too!! :)

Take care..hope you get some snow soon.

John said...

Hi Terria, it'sreally nice to hear from you again. Thanks for the kind words. I hope your holidays go well for you also. Keep coming back.

John said...

wvhiker, how ya doing? I am happy with the camera. Snow is very important here for traveling.

John said...

Hey old john, frozen pipes are the one thing I never worry about and never will. I can hardly wait for the snow.

John said...

Hi Na Na, welcome. I hope you stick around. There will be more interesting photos and posts coming.

John said...

Hey Becky, the stove isn't as close as it looks and to tell the truth, the stove is way more than I need for my cabin. I am thinking about replacing it with my smaller tent stove. I will be putting flagstone on the walls soon.

John said...

Hi Cotton, thanks. Every now and then, I remember I need to change the photos.

Anonymous said...

Cool little camera, John. I don't buy cameras that much but man that seems pricey. (for my cheap butt anyway)

Great photos though. I really like the one on the main page of your friend's plane. If that doesn't convey Alaskan life, I'm not sure what does. :)

Take care,

John said...

Thanks R,that was a pretty snowy day. I found out, a good quality camera will always work good for ya.