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The Bush Life
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Friday, November 9, 2012

Bad luck has struck

Last Wednesday as I was packing up after blogging, I dropped my camera and it doesn't work anymore. Money is tight right now and I won't be able to post any pictures until I get a new one. Hopefully, I can find a cheap one until I get a new camera.

  I have been in contact with my friend Chucks wife and she and the two 8 year olds plan to return to the Homestead and resume their remote lifestyle. A fund has been set up at Wells Fargo under the name              

"hiline"Chuck Lamb Donation Account"

Right now, helocopter is the only way out, when everything freezes up, myself and some others will travel out to help her get set for Winter. Today it is snowing here and have about 4". Nice to see the new snow, makes everything look clean. I have decided to change my Internet time to Mondays and Fridays for now. I have way to much work to do at this time. So, stay tuned and enjoy Winter.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the camera. I know you prized it highly. Finding a replacement will take some doing. I'll keep an eye out for you on craigs list and Alaskaslist.

Old John

Anonymous said...

I have extra cameras if you would like i would send you one. Enjoy your post and pictures. just reply and give me an adress to send to. Al

becky3086 said...

Sorry about your camera. I guess I have been lucky as I have dropped mine several times now, lol.

Carol G said...

Hi John, that is so wonderful that you can go help Jenny and the boys. My husband wants to go when a crew gets together to go work on her house. Sorry to hear about your camera. I hope you find a good replacement soon. I'm in search of a good camera too.

John said...

Thanks John

John said...

Thanks Al, I think I have it covered.

John said...

Hi Becky, things happen,hope everything is going well with you.

John said...

Hi Carol, thanks. Would be nice to meet your husband. I think we can get Jenny and the boys situated for the Winter.

Anonymous said...

That's good of you John to help out like that. I'm sure they appreciate it very much.


CottonLady said...

Hi John! I'm finally getting back into blog reading and I'm checking in on you!! :)

Sorry to hear about your friend, Jenny, and her boys. Glad you all will be able to help them get settled.

Also sorry to hear about your camera. I always enjoy your pictures. So hope you get a new one soon.

I like the way you redecorated your
cabin. It's always good to have things to your liking.

Take care...blessings!

John said...

Thanks R

John said...

Thanks Cotton, good to have you back checking in.