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The Bush Life
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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Winter is coming

I had my first sign of Winter and it is on it's way. Personnally, I can hardly wait. This Winter I plan to have a lot of fun and less work. I took some pictures that might interest you. These are the first sign of Winter.

In case you haven't noticed, I cleared more trees from my property.



I really like the openness a lot. I don't have the smother feeling plus, it lets more sun in and I see the sky much better especially at night.
  Here are some night pics I took a few days ago.

I still have to work more on my night shots. This is a shot I took of Denali near my cabin.

I took these shots 2 days ago during the day. I would not have been able to if I hadn't cleared more trees.

I know I haven't been very prompt on blogging for a long time but, this will change very soon. I also promise to get back to more interesting posts. Hope everyone is doing well and getting ready for Winter, as I am. Take care.


Carol G said...

That is a lot of work, but that mountain shot makes it worth every bit. A few more trees and you'll have a nice clear view of it when it is a nice day.

becky3086 said...

I agree the shot of the mountain is lovely but the snow, not quite so lovely, lol.

wvhiker said...

Not sure if I'm ready for winter. I could stand a longgggggg fall though. Heading to leaf peep next weekend in the mountains and get run over by tourists.
Picture actually made me shiver John!

John said...

Hi Carol, that view isn't from my property, wish it was. It's from the entrance to my subdivision.

John said...

C'mon Becky, Winter is great, everything looks clean. Not to mention presents at Christmas, LOL.

John said...

Becky, you know you don't really mean that,LOL

John said...

Hi wvhiker, I wish I could be tyhere with you. I know how beautiful the Fall season is on the East Coast.

Anonymous said...

I love the winter too. I still get excited when I wake up in the morning and there is fresh snow on the ground. I'm hot-blooded too so the cold weather feels great.

"Subdivision" That's a dirty word to me lol. It always conjures up homeowner associations where people are super nosy and try to dictate how you should live so they can feel comfortable.

I've turned down so many beautiful properties because of stupid restrictions. Who in the hell would take restrictions from a HA when your property is 80 miles by plane.
Anyway yada yada. :)

Great pictures John.

Looks like I may be moving to family first to help set my sister and moms farm up before I head that way.

I can't wait till I can finally get started on my place. :)

Talk to you later.

John said...

Hi Anonymous, actuall, my subdidvision doesn't have a HOMEOWNERS ASSOC. nor any restrictions. It was proposed but, the majority of people said no. My subdivision has many sled dog lots so, I'm not to worried about rules.

Anonymous said...

Good to know. I was thinking about the Lake Clark area when you brought up subdivisions. I remember you said something about wanting to move there so I checked to see if there were any restrictions.

I wasn't meaning to suggest that all of them do just that's what I think of when I see that word.

R. (I forget to sign it a lot) :)

Anonymous said...

Love the moon pics in the day...when I get the chance I like to take pictures of the full moon. Kinda figured you had done some more clearing with all that wood.

Been raining here almost as bad as when it flooded. I still have wood to split and stack, a trailer to move, a tractor to put up and my chimney to clean then you can bring on the fluffy white stuff...I guess I really don't worry to much about the splitting of the wood cause it actually splits better when it is frozen. Lol

Glad your going to post more, I always like hearing what you have to say.


John said...

That's OK "R", I knew what yopu meant, just clarifing for others.

John said...

Hi Wash, it hasn't really stopped raining here and it still is raining. I am really sick of this rain, can't get anything done. I like to leave a lot of rounds so, I have something to do in the Winter besides shoveling.

Anonymous said...

The two big reasons I don't leave rounds is: one, for some reason they end up more buried as the winter progresses and I don't have the desire to dig them out. I like going to my pile and just tossing out what I need and going on. Two, I usually have way too many things going during the winter and there isn't much time unless my son gets motivated.

Your sick of the rain?...LOL I'm so tired of it I'm just about ready to scream. I totally understand not getting stuff done. It is suppose to be sunny for the next two days and of course, I'm working. LOL.


Anonymous said...

Thanks John...your posts are ALWAYS interesting! You have the right mindset-relax and enjoy as much as you can. You're a great man in a great land and you've earned the privilege to enjoy it! Be safe and keep that wood pile stocked! -Dave in PA

John said...

Hi Dave, thanks. I do enjoy myself as much as I can.