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The Bush Life
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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Things are looking better today

Hi everyone, I know it has been a long time since my last post. Since my last post, it has rained very heavy just about every day and I just didn't have the interest to come out in the rain. I am talking very heavy rain. My place didn't flood but, I had some close neighbors who weren't so lucky. I took these pictures at the end of my road where the boat launch is for the Susitna River.

Here it is advancing more

And more

This is looking down my neighbors road

If you look past the kid in the canoe, you will see my neighbors. They are 70 years old and that is the wife with her back to us pulling her husband who is in the raft.

It would be more interesting if it were a beer in his hand but, it is a diet Pepsi.

One day it stopped raining enough to stack more firewood.

Took this picture last night just for the heck of it.

Built some steps for my deck.

I built these steps from my driveway to the cabin.

Starting to fill up my pole barn.

I am building a hand and face sink.

Today, I woke up to 38 degrees and a clear sky and sun. Not sure how long it will stay that way but, I am going to take advantage of it. Stay tuned and hopefully I can make more frequent  posts.


lynn said...

Love the pictures, though your wood stack makes me cold, here in Maine winter is approaching, I shall cheat and rent a wood splitter this weekend. One question though:) why was she pulling and he riding? is this the Alaskan way?

John said...

Hi Lynn, I myself love winter. Not sure why she is pulling but, anything can be the Alaskan way if that is how you look at it, LOL

Evano said...

Love your style John.
You can never have too much wood either!

grammie g said...

HI John...I would say that you had a lot of rain for sure wow!!
I like your for the heck of it shot ..nice ; }!
I am not looking forward to winter and handling the wood, but each to his own!!
Did you every get any amount of ripe tomatoes??

Zigmas said...

Hi John,

Well that really must have been some heavy rain..
Is this ussual in the region you are located or this is more of the one-off?

Very nice pics!

I am from the Europe, here the fall is just starting and we have a cool weather with very little rain, very nice.

Looking forward for more posts and pics


becky3086 said...

Wow, amazing pictures. Seems like the last time you posted it was just warming up and now it is getting cold again.

Carol G said...

John, I enjoyed showing your blog to my husband last night. I usually enjoy reading it at work over lunch. I decided to check in last night and my husband was beside me, so I shared your flood pics and your cabin pics. He enjoyed seeing it. We used to talk about doing something like that before we had kids, now we talk about doing it when we retire... You inspire us.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you managed to stay above the flood waters. I expect to see some "river front" properties come up for sale after that mess. I shudder to think what this flood did for the Salmon Spawn. 2016 will probably be very poor returns now. keep your pwder dry.... Old John

Anonymous said...

Im glad your ok you faired well with the flood. Im also glad to see that your property was above the flood line, which by all the pictures I have seen was pretty high. One of the news articles I read had to do with evacuating your area. That was in the very beginning of the flooding.

Im high enough I dont have to worry about it and Im not near enough to any water source.

Now that Im off I will be getting back to the wood splitting tomorrow and this weekend. Hope I can make my stack as nice as yours.


Anonymous said...

The Alaskan way.. LOL

Pull me to safety woman! When we get to shore, I'll drag you by the hair awhile.


Hey John,

I know to some near you it might not be so.. but that sure is a beautiful shot of the trees changing despite the flooding.

Glad to hear you're getting along well.


Anonymous said...

Hey John! Glad to hear that the heavy rains & flooding didn't mess you up too badly...Wood pile shaping up, "bathroom remodel" looking good, and just in time-here comes winter! Good luck on your "final" preps & be safe! -Dave from PA

John said...

Thanks Evano, I will be getting more wood.

John said...

Hi grammie, yes, I got 6 ripe tomatoes, I did bring in a bunch of green ones to see if they ripen.

John said...

Hi Zigmas, I understand these floods have only came twice. The last one was about 7 years ago. Stay tuned.

John said...

Nice to hear from you Becky, it has been around 28 to 30 but, now is warming back up to around 40.

John said...

Hey Carol, glad you and your husband enjoyed the pics and the blog. More to come very soon.

John said...

Hi old john, Not sure about waterfront properties coming up for sale. These people know they won't sell.

John said...

Hi Wash, I am glad I am high and dry myself. I will be doing more wood splitting pretty soon also.

John said...

Thanks R, glad to hear from you.

John said...

Thanks Dave, always good to hear from ya. I have a lot of inside work to do this winter. This cabin is turning into a full time job.