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The Bush Life
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Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Well, it is a sunny day for once and I am hoping it sticks around. Yesterday was kind of dreary so, I made some Chicken vegetable soup and it turned out delicious.

See what all the single ladies are missing out on? LOL

Now the sun did come out but, for only a short time.

Now grammie g is right, I do have a softer side and it isn't a bad feeling. The flower arrangement I made, cheered me up so much, I did another. Yesterday, when I went to the Spring to get water, I picked some more flowers and did the same thing.

Here are both my arrangements side by side.

Who knows, if I ever have to supplement my income, maybe I can take up floral arrangement, LOL. I just wish my tomatoe plants were doing as well. One plant has none and the other has 5 very small tomatoes and still green. OLD JOHN, HELP. LOL  In light of recent disappointments with the Lake Clark property, come winter, I will spend as much time traveling to my remote property and staying at the small cabin. I like my town cabin but, at times it gets nerve racking. I am hoping to find a buddy with a supercub who would enjoy flying up there with me to hunt or just to get away. This winter, I will fly up there more than snowmachine. Snowmachining can be fun but, 2 to 3hrs. each way, is time wasted there.
  So, now you all will see more exciting posts, hopefully. Take care.


Anonymous said...

Hey John
That chicken soup looks pretty good. Nothing like a good soup on a drizzly day!
Don't know what to tell you about your tomatoes. The experts say tomatoes won't "make" if it gets down below 55 degrees. You might want to bring them in at night if it gets down that far. It's gotten down to 50 a couple nights according to the thermometer in the Green House. Yes, that Rhubarb juice can sneak up on you if you don't watch it. Keep thinking I'd drive up your way and visit, but have been kept busy entertaining visitors, fixing boats, towing boats to Homer and Seward. and catching a few fish. Got 24 reds in the freezer for "winter meat" now. Later, Old John

becky3086 said...

The chicken soup does look good. I went ahead and made a pork stew the other day even though it is really too hot here for a stew or soup. It was darn good! Your flowers look great too. Is that a bird feeder out the window? It looks easy to make.

grammie g said...

HI John... I say it takes a "real man" to admit he has a softer side!!
Your new arrangement is lovely, and creative using the grasses to compliment the Lupines !!
You may have a profession to fall back on lol!!
Or maybe a cook ..that's a might good looking chicken soup you got there!!
Nice an my Mom would say it has everything in it except the kitchen sink! ; }
I don't know about your growing season there so don't know what to say about the tomatoes..I have mine in containers, and I find I have to keep them feed, because after watering a lot the soil loses needed nutrients!! I use a store brand name plant food equal to Miracle Gro.., and I use like a couple of teaspoons full in a gallon of water every time I have to water, but if I remember right your plants look pretty good !!
The other is have you got many bee's to pollinate the blossoms!! Maybe you have to capture some and hold them hostage until they do the job for you ; ] LOL!!!
Enough of my wisdom and advice : ]
limited I admit!!!
Hope you get the winter plans worked out, I don't want to even think winter yet eeeek's!!

John said...

Hi grammie, thanks for the advice. I don't have any bees around or none that I have seen. I am going to make a little greenhouse deal for them.

John said...

Good going John on the reds. Wish I could have gotten out to get some. Be glad to see ya if you get a chance.

John said...

Hi Becky, for me, it's never to hot for soups, stews and cassaroles. Yes, that's my homemade birdfeeder. Just an empty plastic container, cut open on two sides and bend them up. Keeps the water out.

Anonymous said...

Just a thought, with your tomatoes outside you probably have enough bugs flying around to help with the polination. However, it is recommended you gently shake the blossoms to assist with the polination processes. My son gives his a little shot or massage with his electric toothbrush. It really hasn't been a good year for Tomatoes in this part of the world.
Old John

John said...

Thanks for the tip John, this morning, I rigged some string for them to climb and will put some plastic around them also.

CottonLady said...

Hi John! Glad to see your two latest posts. Love the new header photos...especially with the Chief.

My computer has been down almost 2 weeks, so was not able to stop in and see what you were up to until this afternoon.

Sorry about the lake deal, but am glad to know you will be around this winter and you can show us what all you are doing. Enjoyed seeing your storage loft...great idea.

Your chicken soup and the grilled chicken dinner both looked really good! Also really liked your floral bouquets. It's been almost too dry here for many wildflowers.

I have ONE tomato on my plant this year! :( Everyone says it's just plain too hot for them to make.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

Just curious John as to where you get all of your food from. Do you buy bulk a couple of times a year and freeze it/store it? Do you hunt for the meat?

I admit I haven't read all of your blog yet so maybe you've answered that before.

I remember you saying on another post that you were down to your last rabbit. Did you hunt for them or do you raise them or both? I'll be raising my own so I guess I'm curious if you do and if not why?


John said...

Hi Cotton, good to see ya back, missed your comments. I'm not sure if it's the cold or heat affecting my tomatoes. It will do what it will do.

John said...

Hi R, lot of questions there so, just for you and others, I will make a post on it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks John!