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The Bush Life
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Monday, July 30, 2012


I have been going nuts over how much clutter I had in my cabin, stuff laying all around. This weekend I was having coffee, looking at all the stuff on the floor or any other surface and decided it was time to do something about it. I really hate clutter, it is to hard to find stuff among it. So, as soon as I had my coffee and breakfast, which tasted real good. I made an omelet, powdered eggs, cheese, bacon, onions, spinich and fried potatoes.

The result

I almost made me another one. Afterwards I got to work. I put some new curtains on the door, actually,they were pieces I cut from the curtains on my windows.

Here are the results from my hard work of cleaning the cabin.

I got this piece of white laminate free and put it on the counter for when I am making bread or other bake goods. Oh yeah, this is the first loaf of bread made on it.

It looks a little rough but, tasted good.

My friend John stopped by for a visit and brought another bottle of home made Raspberry Wine and some Halibut and Salmon. Sure is nice to have good friends.

After all that work, I sat down to enjoy a nice glass of wine.

Tomorrow, I plan on taking a boat trip with John up the Yentna River to his cabin weather permitting. It will be nice to get away for a bit. So, when I get back, I will have more to contribute and pictures.


Evano said...

That bread made my mouth water John!
Cabin is looking great too.

John said...

Thanks Evano, it tastes good also. I usually can get it to brown better

Anonymous said...

You're living the high life John. Homemade wine, bread, home cooked meals and self-built cabin on your own land in the greatest state there is. Live it up!

John said...

Thanks Anonymous, I "ALMOST" feel guilty about living the good life. It will get much better next year when my Skwentna cabin is done and I move in.

becky3086 said...

The cabin looks very nice. I have some clutter I need to get rid of too. It was so nice to have a whole spare room to use but it has become a dropping place for EVERYTHING. We need to get rid of some of it, just not necessary to have that much stuff!
Your bread looks fine too and, of course, I like the wine :)

Eko said...

Katselin kuviasi toiselta puolen maailmaa...
Tulin tervehtimään.
Olen jo poikavuodet ohittanut - ikuinen valokuvaaja...
Tervehtien Eko

Anonymous said...

Nice diggs you got there! Thanks for the update-they're always interesting. Amazing how fast we seem to accumulate, uh, "stuff" isn't it? Nice to de-clutter from time to time... -Dave in PA

John said...

Thanks eko, glad you enjoy the pictures and posts.

John said...

Hi Dave, thanks. Sometimes you just don't realize just how much you have accumulated until it's to late.

John said...

Thanks Brecky, I'm not a real wine drinker but, sometimes, it just tastes good.

Anonymous said...

LOL I love your comment to Dave... I think Im in the "it's to late" catagory. I am doing something about it but wow. LOL


Susan Stevenson said...

Looks great, John! I also have a lot of clutter to tend to. I just don't have the motivation!

Wine is always good!

John said...

Hi Wash, I sometimes think I am still to late.

John said...

Hi Susan, nice to hear from you. I never was much of a wine person but, I am starting to appreciate it.