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The Bush Life
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Monday, July 23, 2012

As usual, things change

Thought I would start off with some pictures for no peticular reason. Decided it was time for me to build a storage loft.

The yellow rope is temporary

Sundays dinner...Grilled Chicken, spinich and fried potatoes

This was a bird at one time. I think it ran into my picture window and something got it on the ground. R.I.P. birdy.

The past few days, it has been raining very hard and dreary. So, I thought I would try to brighten up the cabin and tried my hand at flower arranging. You be the judge. I couldn't decide on which picture to put here so, I did them all.

Anyway for the bad news, the Lake Clark deal didn't go well. The owner decided against the whole idea. I felt bad about it but, not anymore. Things don't always work out. So, I decided to spend another winter in my town cabin which will allow me to finish it off. Next spring, I will travel up to my remote property and build that new cabin. I think it will be for the better. This way, I won't have as many people around and can do whatever I want. This also makes it easier and cheaper to travel back and forth for supplies. I think you all will enjoy seeing the work I perform on the town cabin. I have been giving a lot of thought of having sleddogs again, about five and use them to travel back and forth between my town cabin and remote cabin. So, I hope you all hang in there and maybe, I can get more people interested in my blog. I seemed to have lost quite a few but, hey, things don't always go the way we plan. Although, I now have a solid plan. Besides, I can visit my friend "OLD JOHN" at his cabin.
So, stay tuned.


becky3086 said...

I am sure I will find your posts interesting no matter where you are. By the way, the flowers are lovely.

wvhiker said...


The second flower arrangement seems to me to be the best. I like to see flowers spread out to show their beauty. Sorry bout the deal but as they say, better things are around the corner. I don't know who says that but they're pretty optimistic if you ask me. Hope things go well and let it be know you have a follower here.

grammie g said...

HI John...NO things don't always work out the way we plan, but I always say there is a reason for everything we just don't always see it!!
John I like seeing the soft side of you with your flower
arrangement : }, and a lovely one it is..they must be windflowers...they are gorgeous!! Love the colors!!
Well I guess we will be seeing your posts more often and I will be here to look in on you!!

Anonymous said...

I don't think you should read into the blog totals. Many people lurk and just don't say anything. I'm sure you have 5 times the posting amount, just reading. Also, people like me, don't comment on every topic.

When I first saw your dinner, I read the caption below it and missed the caption for it lol. I thought "Yeah someone got it alright and that someone has it on it's plate!" :)

Glad to see you're still around and to be honest, I didn't think the move to your friends place was going to work out nor be that great of a deal. I'd never feel comfortable moving to someone else's land like that. I'd feel obligated that the guy had built a cabin and might have felt "trapped" after a while.


lynn said...

John, I have not stopped reading! Love the purple flowers and cabin improvements. I look forward to seeing what changes you make. Sorry about the cabin deal not working out, but I was afraid you would discontinue writing if you went up there.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the Lake Clark deal. The pictures were beautiful. Yes maybe doing things on your own out at your remote land may be the answer. Im still lerking just not posting as much due to being busy.

I told you back when I met you, you inspired me to get back to what I know and feel comfortable with. I have been cleaning out, tossing, selling, moving, down sizing in a major way. Been real busy.

Little one back and we are preparing for another year of home school.

Love all the flower arrangements.. All are just beautiful. No favorites. Anyway keep posting so we know whats happening.


Anonymous said...


Buddy, you could put a bare stick in a vase on your windowsill and I think it would look AWESOME! The backdrop out your window is simply priceless! Sorry to hear about the Lake Clark deal; I know you were excited about it...often when you look back at things that didn't work out it seems to be for the best after all. I'm sure that will be the case here too. Thanks for taking the time to update us all! -Dave in PA

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear the Lake Clark thing fell through, but it's probably for the best in the long haul. I once ended up in a Navy Hospital with a broken leg. but it turned out pretty good, because I met this cute little Navy Nurse, and she's let me live with her goin on 49 yrs now. So breaking a leg wasn't such a bad deal after all. Like your storage loft idea. The fireweed in a bottle looks good. Think I recognize the bottle. Funny how the simple little things are usually the best. How's that pole barn coming? Looks like you made it in to the Pow-Wow

John said...

Thanks Becky

John said...

Hi wvhiker, thanks. I know things will be a lot different now.

John said...

Thanks grammie, I like to refer to you as grammie even though we are close in age, it sounds less formal.

John said...

"R", you hit it right on the head, after the let down, I thought about it and figured it wasn't right.

John said...

Hi Wash, nice to hear from you. I enjoyed our talk that day. I'm still tossing stuff that I keep finding.

John said...

Thanks Dave, it will all work out.

John said...

Hey John, I may need a couple more bottles like those, LOL, preferably full, LOL again. I forgot to let you know they were good although the Rhubarb wine had a kick to it. I'm waiting for the poles to dry out.

Paul said...

Hey John, love the view out of that window, very Alaskan! We may get back up there for the 3rd time next year...gets harder to leave each time, guess Alaska is in our blood now.
Keep us posted on your building projects.


John said...

Thanks Paul. Alaska does grow on ya. Well, some, those who can handle it. Keep in touch.