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The Bush Life

The Bush Life
My old buddy "KAYAK"

Monday, July 30, 2012


I have been going nuts over how much clutter I had in my cabin, stuff laying all around. This weekend I was having coffee, looking at all the stuff on the floor or any other surface and decided it was time to do something about it. I really hate clutter, it is to hard to find stuff among it. So, as soon as I had my coffee and breakfast, which tasted real good. I made an omelet, powdered eggs, cheese, bacon, onions, spinich and fried potatoes.

The result

I almost made me another one. Afterwards I got to work. I put some new curtains on the door, actually,they were pieces I cut from the curtains on my windows.

Here are the results from my hard work of cleaning the cabin.

I got this piece of white laminate free and put it on the counter for when I am making bread or other bake goods. Oh yeah, this is the first loaf of bread made on it.

It looks a little rough but, tasted good.

My friend John stopped by for a visit and brought another bottle of home made Raspberry Wine and some Halibut and Salmon. Sure is nice to have good friends.

After all that work, I sat down to enjoy a nice glass of wine.

Tomorrow, I plan on taking a boat trip with John up the Yentna River to his cabin weather permitting. It will be nice to get away for a bit. So, when I get back, I will have more to contribute and pictures.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Supplies, where and how

I have been asked on numerous occasions, how and where do I get my food and supplies. I decided it would be a good subject matter for a post.
  Without going into depth because, I like to keep personals matters my own, growing up, we lived off the land as much as possible. As I grew older, I have tried to keep that part of life alive. I have lived a back to basic lifestyle as much as possible. Up until I bought this town property, most of my foods were either grown,hunted, fished or gathered. For obvious reasons, many things needed to be purchased, flour, salt, pepper, coffee, tea and so on.
  For many of the things that I purchased, I would call someone in the office of a local Air Taxi service that serviced my area to shop for me and then bring out to me. It wasn't cheap but, was less expensive than me paying a round trip ticket, transportation to the stores and of course my time, which is very valuable to me.
  If there was something I needed furniture wise or otherwise, I would build out of natural material or whatever was available. Many of the things I have talked about, were before digital cameras came about and had no idea that I would Blog about myself and my life. So, you will just have to use your imagination.
  Since I bought my town cabin, I have pretty much lived like a Concrete Alaskan, which will change next Spring. I'm not trying to say anything bad about people who live on the road system, it's just not me. My town cabin is about 40 miles from Wasilla but, I prefer to travel 15 miles to a smaller grocery store to shop. More expensive but, easier.
  Something else but, a different subject. Last night, I was sitting around and kinda got bored so, I decided to watch a movie, a Christmas movie with Dolly Parton, I forgot the name of the movie {old age, I guess},LOL. As I watched it, my mind got to wondering about this coming Christmas and I started looking around the cabin and seeing how I will display ornaments and decorations and the tree then, I started planning for my remote cabin as well. It really made me feel good and no matter what, winter is my most favorite time of the year as is Thanksgiving and Christmas and I can't wait. Hopefully this year, I will have someone special to spend it with. So, I hope I have answered some of the questions and gave you some more insight about me. As time goes on, I will make more posts such as this one.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Well, it is a sunny day for once and I am hoping it sticks around. Yesterday was kind of dreary so, I made some Chicken vegetable soup and it turned out delicious.

See what all the single ladies are missing out on? LOL

Now the sun did come out but, for only a short time.

Now grammie g is right, I do have a softer side and it isn't a bad feeling. The flower arrangement I made, cheered me up so much, I did another. Yesterday, when I went to the Spring to get water, I picked some more flowers and did the same thing.

Here are both my arrangements side by side.

Who knows, if I ever have to supplement my income, maybe I can take up floral arrangement, LOL. I just wish my tomatoe plants were doing as well. One plant has none and the other has 5 very small tomatoes and still green. OLD JOHN, HELP. LOL  In light of recent disappointments with the Lake Clark property, come winter, I will spend as much time traveling to my remote property and staying at the small cabin. I like my town cabin but, at times it gets nerve racking. I am hoping to find a buddy with a supercub who would enjoy flying up there with me to hunt or just to get away. This winter, I will fly up there more than snowmachine. Snowmachining can be fun but, 2 to 3hrs. each way, is time wasted there.
  So, now you all will see more exciting posts, hopefully. Take care.

Monday, July 23, 2012

As usual, things change

Thought I would start off with some pictures for no peticular reason. Decided it was time for me to build a storage loft.

The yellow rope is temporary

Sundays dinner...Grilled Chicken, spinich and fried potatoes

This was a bird at one time. I think it ran into my picture window and something got it on the ground. R.I.P. birdy.

The past few days, it has been raining very hard and dreary. So, I thought I would try to brighten up the cabin and tried my hand at flower arranging. You be the judge. I couldn't decide on which picture to put here so, I did them all.

Anyway for the bad news, the Lake Clark deal didn't go well. The owner decided against the whole idea. I felt bad about it but, not anymore. Things don't always work out. So, I decided to spend another winter in my town cabin which will allow me to finish it off. Next spring, I will travel up to my remote property and build that new cabin. I think it will be for the better. This way, I won't have as many people around and can do whatever I want. This also makes it easier and cheaper to travel back and forth for supplies. I think you all will enjoy seeing the work I perform on the town cabin. I have been giving a lot of thought of having sleddogs again, about five and use them to travel back and forth between my town cabin and remote cabin. So, I hope you all hang in there and maybe, I can get more people interested in my blog. I seemed to have lost quite a few but, hey, things don't always go the way we plan. Although, I now have a solid plan. Besides, I can visit my friend "OLD JOHN" at his cabin.
So, stay tuned.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Yes, I'm still around

Well, I have heeled very well from my burns and am now getting busy again. I have been doing quite a bit of work around the town cabin before I leave for Lake Clark, if it happens, got my fingers crossed. Here are some pictures of some work I have done and some pictures just in general.

My tomato plants are coming along, one has tomatos already. Thanks for the plants OLD JOHN

Working on my polebarn/woodshed

This is how far I have got to this day

Cleaned up all the firewood in my driveway.



This little guy sat and watched me build the polebarn

Then he left to go eat

This little fella decided to take a rest on my window, perhaps he was checking me out.

I like taking pictures of clouds, these are not spectacular but, they are nice.

Woke up Sunday morning to a nice cool morning

Had to start a fire that morning. I am also working on the inside of my cabin during the rainy days. I am building a loft shelf to store things. It will span the width of the cabin 12'. I am also building shelfs under the counter. Next week, I hope to paint the exterior of the cabin. If I have the time, I will add a porch also. So soon there will be more pictures. Anyway, just wanted everyone to know things are good on my end.