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The Bush Life
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Friday, June 1, 2012

Thanks to all

  Hi everyone, it's been awhile since I have been on the computer, been pretty busy with things. I read all of your comments and was very happy to do so. Thanks for all the kind words. I decided to thank everyone on this post rather than to respond individually. I will admit that it was somewhat emotional to read them. I thank you all.
  I been doing stuff around the place and last weekend, I went to Kashwitna lake to fish. Sadly, I didn't do very well but, I got some cool photos of a floatplane landing and taking off.

                   TAKING OFF

Then a few more planes flew overhead

Sure seemed to be a lot of air activity at that time. I like airplanes and enjoy taking photos of them. Tomorrow, I fly out of Lake Hood in Anchorage and head out to Lake Clark. I will be there 3 to 5 days laying out an area for a cabin. I should get a lot of good photos for sure. I am pretty sure my next post will be a little more exciting and interesting. I will close for now and hope everyone has a nice weekend and again, thanks for all the kind words. Take care


grammie g said...

Hi John...I thought I left you a note on your last post,but must have forgot ..goes with age you know ; }
I am going to miss you, and just got to know you ..find your life quite interesting!1
Love the plane photos..there great...that yellow one shows up real good skimming across the water!!
I took a ride in a plane like that..great fun I just loved that skimming across the water and that lift off,a real belly floppier ; }

You take care my friend
Enjoy yourself

John said...

Hi grammie, don't write me off yet, right now it's just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Hey John
Hope you got off Lake Hood alright. I'm stuck in town til next week. Oldest Son's coming in from L48 tonight on business. Od how these "businessmen" seem to find it necessary to fly into AK "on business" same time the Salmon are running (: >))

Take lots of picts while your out at Lake Clark. That's beautiful country out there.! Kinda show it off..!~

I'll try to connect with you when you get back to "town"
Stay Well

Dave said...


Great to "hear" from you! I had 2 thoughts after reading your post:
1.) Your posts & photos are ALWAYS exciting and interesting (believe it or not, they are!)
2.) Eh, you know what they say about a bad day fishin'.... :-)

Thank you sir! -Dave in PA

Anonymous said...

Hey John,

Super pictures, that yellow plane against the backdrop really pops.

I got the land. I won't celebrate till I have all of the finalized paperwork back in my hands. Most of it I should have in 2 weeks, the deed recoding, he said would take 2 months.

Beautiful spot out near Skwentna and only one part time neighbor I think.

Talk to you later,

John said...

Hi John, I am taking photos, it has been raining here but, today is beautiful. I would like to visit with you.

John said...

Thanks Dave, I try to entertain as much as I can.

John said...

Hey R, Congrats. Your land may be close to mine.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, John.

Maybe we could do some fishing when I get up there. :)

Have a good week John,
R. :)

John said...

ok R, sounds like a plan, I would be interested how close you are to me.

Anonymous said...

Heck John, I don't know exactly where you are.

I wouldn't be comfortable giving out locations on the net anyway. Maybe, I'll shoot you an email. I think I figured out how to do that without setting up yet another account on yet another website. :)

By air, I'm sure it's not that far. I plan on buying a yearly trip ticket when I get there anyway. Last I checked, it was only about $800 and you got 10 one way trips with it. I should have some spare ones for an occasional visit to a friends house.


Anita Estes said...

Great photos! Thanks for sharing them.

John said...

Hey R, sounds good, bet we are fairly close. I'll be waiting for your email.

John said...

Thanks Anita, my pleasure.

becky3086 said...

Hi nice pictures. I love fishing but I often don't do well either, lol. Still love it though.

John said...

Hi Becky, fishing sure sooths the soul you just have to take your time. Keep trying and eventually, you will want to fish all the time.