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The Bush Life
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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My trip follow up

  Thanks for all the nice comments. When taking pictures of glaciers and mountains close up from an airplane, you can't go wrong. If it were in my power, I would do it all day and the more I think about it when I get enough funds together to pay for gas, I will get my friend to do an all day trip photographing glaciers, mountains and anything else from the plane.
  Despite the weather, I did have a good time, we sat in my friends lounge with a fire going and talked about the good old days. As we talked, my mind started wondering back to my days on the Alaska Peninsula living up in the mountains and had every animal you can think of as my neighbors. That was pre digital camera days. I have a ton of photos which some day, I will have them put on a disk and share with everyone.
  I have a lot of work to be done on the town property and will soon be getting into it. I am going to be clearing a lot of trees, build a woodshed and a storage shed. Right now, I have a ton of firewood in rounds taking up half of my driveway. Yesterday, it rained hard all day long so, I got to sit inside and watch practically all the movies I had. Watch movies, eat and doze off once in awhile. This past weekend my cabin filled up with mosquitoes and drove me nuts. I had a friend visiting and we ended up sleeping in my friends van. Come Sunday, I figured out where they were coming in and took care of that problem, I hope. A neighbor came by with some powder called "BUHACH" which you put a little in a metal container and light it. It burns like incense and killed all the bugs in the cabin.
  This morning when I woke up it was 44 degrees and sprinkling. Had to start a fire to take the dampness out of the air. By next monday, I should have some pictures of the work on the town cabin. Adios.


Carol G said...

Hi John, looks like you had a good trip. I have a hard time figuring out your different places where you go. How many properties do you have and how do you use them?


John said...

Hi Carol, I was just on your blog but, nothing new. I own 2 properties and am working on the 3rd at Lake Clark. If it works out I may sell one of the other properties or both. The Lake Clark one is the one I like best.

becky3086 said...

We have a lot of mosquitoes this year too (not in the house thank God) because of all the rain we have had. Rain and red clay makes the loveliest muck.

John said...

Hi Becky, with all the rain and all the spruce trees on my property, it is a magnet for them.

Evano said...

Looking forward to seeing your new cabin.
I spent the weekend cutting firewood here, now i am mostly lying around going ugh.
Think positive and positive things happen!

Anonymous said...

Hey John
I think this is a bumper year for mosquitoes all over this part of Alaska. They are bigger and bader here in town than I remember. Grandson and I are going to the cabin in the AM. I know they'll be bad out there. Sounds as if you got some ambitious projects lined up for your hwy property. 4 of us Went to Homer this past weekend. Limited out on Halibut both days. Nothing over 40 lbs, but real good eating. give me a call if you need help with your projects.

John said...

Hey Evano, wish cutting wood was all I had to do. Working outside with all the mosquitoes is a real pain.

John said...

Hey John, sounds like you had a good time fishing. You better take the headnet and spray when you head up to the cabin. Thanks for the offer to help, will call if I need help.