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The Bush Life

The Bush Life
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Monday, May 14, 2012

Hi everyone, just thought I would stop by and let you know what is going on so far. NOT MUCH. Woke up this morning to

Yep, you gotta love Spring. Sure glad I brought my tomato plants in that my friend John gave me.

Sunday was a beautiful day and didn't feel much like sitting around or working so, I took a ride down to Kashwitna Lake and hung out for awhile. I wanted to fish for some Rainbows and took my gear but, I discovered I had forgotton my license and with my luck, I would have gotton caught. So, I took some photos.

This one is looking towards "Denali".

After awhile I decided to go over to Grey's Creek which runs behind my property. This is where it runs under the Parks Highway.

Then it runs towards my property.

While walking around, I found a couple of interesting things. 4 moose legs which I'm sure some hunter dumped there.

Then, I found the skeleton of a bear cub, poor little guy, I think he may have got hit by a car and wandered down to the creek.

Aside from that, my day was pretty boring and quiet. The days seem to be creeping by slowly. The end of this month, I will fly out to Lake Clark and take some stuff out and stay a few days then, back to town and get some supplies and head out to Skwentna to do some work. Some how retirement seems to be turning into a full time job. I also have a lot of work to do on the town cabin. I really can't wait until winter when I can take it easy. Other than what I have posted, I can't think of anything else. See ya all Wednesday.


becky3086 said...

Wow, not much snow in those pictures this time! It seemed to melt so quick. Not likely to find a moose foot or a bear cub skeleton here.

Evano said...

Bet your starting to enjoy the longer sunlight hours now John.
Not too many moose here either (we see the odd one, mainly whitetails) but we do get lots of black bears.
Really enjoyed the photo's - thanks!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back... thought you might have taken off earlier than originally planned. Good to see your still here at least for the time being. Sad about the bear cub...Nice pictures as always.

Doing some thinking, planning, wishing, with a bit of hope and preperation in there. Making some changes to make my dreams a reality. Not sure where Im going to end up but... Life is always full of the unknown...


Anonymous said...

I've checked every day to see if you had blogged. :)

Glad to see you post again. Great photos of the treeline on the water.

BTW.. I close on my land at the end of the month. I'll give a few more details when it's all done and I have it for sure. Been looking for a couple of years for just the right place. Don't want to get too excited just yet but wish me luck! :)


grammie g said...

HI John..I thought you had gone of some where ....
Those first few photo sure have some lovely reflections ..they are wonderful!!
Like seeing what it is like where you are lovely country!!
A bear skeleton is one I have never seen...deer, moose, beaver etc...,but not bear...pretty interesting!!
Doesn't seen to boring to me!!
Stay safe

Susan Stevenson said...

At least our chillier mornings are keeping the mosquitoes down. :)

Loving the thaw!! And the new green leaves.

Anonymous said...

Hey John
Great pictures. Too bad Denali was cloudy, that always makes a great backdrop on photos. Took the cabin cruiser to Homer for a shake-down/break-down cruise. Got a lot of fixing to do now..! B O A T means Break out another Thousand. Stay Well

lynn said...

Great pics again, too bad about missing the fishing. We found a full moose skelton this spring ont he Penboscot river, the kids int he neighbor hood have been drilling holes in each piece and stringing them together with fishing line reassembling, they would LOVE a bear skelton. The head is wonderful.
Enjoy your prep time for your move.

John said...

Hi Becky, the snow is melting faster than I expected. In Alaska, no telling what you will find after brealup.

John said...

Hey Evano, winter is still my favorite time of the year but, the long days are welcomed.

John said...

Hi Wash, the unknown for me is an interesting part of life. I feel sometimes knowing what is coming can be boring or not so good. I really like to take it a day at a time myself.

John said...

Hi R, I certainly hope it works out for you. If it doesn't let me know.

John said...

Hi grammie g, sometimes it can be boring but, not that much. I try to stay as safe as I can. I want to live to see 100, LOL

John said...

I agree Susan, I wish it could stay chilly enough to keep those pesky creatures away. The greening does have a nice effect.

John said...

Aye yi yi, John. That is why I am getting rid of as much modern technology as I can. All it means to have it is $$$$$$$. The tomatoe plants are coming along nicely but, I still have to bring them in nights.

CottonLady said...

Hi, John! Sorry I'm a little tardy, my computer server was down for two days. Your pictures are stunning. Love the reflections in the water. I can show you a mummified cat, but no bear skeleton or moose leg!
BTW, your hash browns always looked so good, so I had to go out and buy a box of them (the kind that looks like a milk carton) They are fabulous!! So easy and so tasty. I had them for supper with a steak.
Do take pictures while you are gone so we can see all the pretty scenery that you are seeing.
Take care...blessings!

John said...

Hi Cotton, glad you like the hash browns. Being easy to cook and tasty is why I like them. Now you need to try powdered eggs.