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The Bush Life
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Saturday, April 7, 2012

What to do?

Everything was going as it should, snow and ice melting, sun coming out everyday making it pleasent, birds and small animals out and about. Then, this morning I wake up to this.

Yikes! I know it won't stay but, it is still annoying. I have another problem, I am starting to feel overwhelmed with all that is going on. Finishing work on the road cabin, getting the new cabin built on the 8 acre and fixing up the cabin on the 40 acre. Last night as I sat listening to the radio, I got to thinking, am I taking on to much? Should I forget the 8 acre or the 40 acre? The thing is, the deal with the 40 acre has changed and the person who owns it, decided he didn't want to get rid of it for sentimental reasons but, said I could still move up there and live until I die and he would draw up a paper to make it legal. Quite frankly, I am moving more towards the thought of just concentrating on my 8 acre, at least it's mine. Sometimes I think we are thrown a curve ball in life just to check our resolve. Hold on, there's more. The owner of the lodge called me and made an offer. If I came back to be the winter caretaker for no money, he would build me a log cabin on the property and supply my food,Internet and phone until I die. I would stay there during the winters and spend summers at my remote property or road cabin. I gotta tell ya, I do miss the Lake Clark area, it is so beautiful there and most of you have seen the the photos and it's remote. I would like to hear some suggestions but, in the long run, I will do what I think best.

                             " HAPPY EASTER"



becky3086 said...

Well, that is a dilemma. If it was me, I would skip the 40 acres too. If I had a place I owned (which I don't), I would not want to chance living and making better a place that I don't own. Eight acres is plenty and you can make it what you want. I think you have the same problem that my father had--always thinking that the next place will be better--but if you focus on what you already have, with hard work, you can make what you have better. (My father never got it and never had anything but it just was the way he was. I am not judging you, some people just have different ways).
Happy Easter John and I hope you are happy with whatever decision you make.

John said...

Hi Becky, yes, it is a dilemma but, fixable. I am pretty close to figuring it out.

Anonymous said...

Wow and all I want is 10 acres. Looking at the access and it isn't looking promising.

For your dilemma... wow... I guess it all depends what you want. Lake Clark is remote... You will have a place paid for life... food, and internet to blog on... but then you have to ask yourself... do you want to be retired... on your own? I'm assuming you have a retirement income or some sort of income so money isn't the deal here... Do you think you would be happy on your 8 acres? If so focus on it. You have a cabin built already on the town property... start saving stuff to build something later and let some one live there to care take... that is a good idea... the 40... it all depends how you feel. If the guy isn't wanting to sell then it really isn't yours and wasn't that the issue with Lake Clark too. It wasn't yours and the reason you moved was to your own property?
Hope that all made since. LOL

Good luck in what ever choice you make. Follow your heart. You only have a the rest of your life to build what you need I really don't know what your hurry is.

Ya I am so tired of that white stuff out there it is driving me nuts... I want some sunshine and warmth... My daughter is thinking another cold summer the way it is going. I sure hope not.


Anonymous said...

Free advice is usually worth just about what you pay for it... That being said. You know what it's all about over at the Lake Clark Lodge, the good, the not so good. It sounds awfully good to me. Love that part of the country. But don't know the people you'd be dealing with. As long as you didn't sign any long term contracts you could always go "check it out". At the same time you could spend some time building and working on your 8 acres, as an investment, or for just in case...
Hopefully that's the last snow storm of this winter.. I'm ready to start thinking of gardens and fishing..!
Happy Easter John


John said...

Hey John, the owners of the lodge are good people and I did caretake for them for 10 years. There is no contracts involved. The owner is a territorial born Alaskan. I know his word is solid. As a matter of fact, he and I served in Vietnam at the same time and place but, didn't know each other. I know everyone in the nearby village. I am leaning towards not doing the 40 acre deal and sticking with my 8. It certainly is beautiful at Lake Clark and the fishing is excellent. My, my so many choices. HAPPY EASTER my friend.

John said...

Hi Wash, as I was telling John, I go back a ways with the owner of the lodge and his wife. He would let me live there as if I owned it, no problem there. I love retirement and yes, I have income every month. It is so beautiful there, I hadn't realized how much I miss it. I'll figure it out. HAPPY EASTER

CottonLady said...

Hi John, hope you had a good Easter. I sorta agree with all that the 40 acres might be iffy since you wouldn't own it, but the lodge sounded like a pretty good deal. It sounds like you like it there. Keep your health in mind also, my friend. I know you will work it out.
My best to you.

John said...

Hi Cotton, Easter was ok, nothing spectacular. I sure do miss the Lake Clark area and all its beauty. Not to mention, a whole lot easier to get around. I have some serious thinking to do.

Anonymous said...

Hi John,

Ya know, I'd probably try it as long as everything was worked out ahead of time. What do you have to lose?

Besides, it'll give you a break from the road for awhile.

See ya later,

John said...

Hi R, it certainly gives me something to think about.