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The Bush Life
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Monday, April 23, 2012

My Weekend

Well, here it is Monday and I am trying to stick to my Internet schedule, Mon. Weds. Fri. and sometimes Sat.. Last Friday when I closed down my computer and headed to the car, I saw some people over by the library pond and went to investigate. Here is what I saw.

The funny thing is, as I was taking the pictures, I never noticed the ducks in the background.YIKES! I got old eyes. A friend of mine brought me some fresh eggs and I ran out of potatoes and dehydrated hash browns but, I had plenty of French fries.

That was Sunday breakfast, afterwards it was to nice of day to hang out at the cabin so, I went down to the creek that's a 5 min. walk from the cabin to check it out.
                Looking up the creek

              Looking down the creek

                Looking across the creek

Then I hopped in the car and headed to Kashwitna Lake and check out the situation there, sometimes it ain't so pretty.

It makes me so mad to see this stuff. I will never understand why people need to do this. I picked up most of the garbage and took it home and burned it. I decided to look past the garbage.

After the lake, I took a ride down to Willow Creek.

Across the bridge where I took the photos from, is an old campground and here is the old office.

                     Nature taking its toll.

Across from this old campground is a new one and I went to visit some of its inhabitants.

This morning as I was drinking my coffee, I noticed a large number of birds coming to the feeder so, I made another one out of a container I had pretzels and other stuff in in. The birds took to it right away.

As the days get longer and sunny, I am really feeling good and no more cabin fever. I am making plans to head up to my Skwentna property and start on the new cabin. I wish I could do it now but, there is still a lot of snow there and to dangerous to land with skiis. Anyway, this is what went on with me for the weekend.


becky3086 said...

Did you notice the goat laid an egg? lol. Very nice pictures, I really enjoyed them.

John said...

Hi Becky, LOL. I looked at that and what the heck? The things you see sometimes

Susan Stevenson said...

That spruce hen in the snow is awesome! :)

We have about a dozen swans here in Fairbanks at Creamers Field. So nice to see them and the geese. The ice is going down the Chena today. Soon, we'll have clear running water. Welcome back spring!

John said...

Thanks Susan, those were awesome photos for me. I am trying for more good photos. I'm with you on the Spring coming back.

Anonymous said...

Hey John
Nice photos. Willow Creek is looking good. The ice should be just about ready to go out on the Big Su and the Yentna. Years ago, before the Deshka Landing was built, we used to run our boats up and down the Willow to get to the big rivers. The lady that owned the place used to charge us $1 a day to park our truck.

John said...

I really enjoy when the waters are flowing, sometimes I just like to sit by a creek, river and lakes and read. It is very calming. You won't find $1 a day parking anymore.