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The Bush Life
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Monday, April 2, 2012


What a beautiful day to wake up to. The sun is shining and Breakfast was good. Oatmeal with cranraisins, hot coffee freshly brewed and some homemade garlic bread. I didn't take pictures because, I didn't want all of you drooling over your computers,LOL. I had to go to the library to take care of some important work and stopped at Kashwitna Lake first. The view is awesome. Denali and Forakker.

The other day someone asked me why I or anyone else would want to live a remote lifestyle, don't like people, anti social, what? I told him none of the above at least for me. For me, it's about living among what Nature provides which is a clean, quiet and bountiful enviroment. Being someplace where the mountains, rivers, creeks, trails and so on have no names. Places where nobody else has been. I enjoy providing for myself. The more time I spend at my cabin on the road system, I know I don't belong there. As soon as I get to the 40 acre, I will be in my element. I mentioned before how I would like to go farther North up around the Shandelar and Kandik River. That will happen as soon as I get the cabin on the 40 acre and the new cabin on the 8 acre done. So much work in so little time. I am also thinking about building another cabin on the back property of the road system cabin and renting out the one I have there now. That way, I have someone there to keep an eye on things when I am on the homestead. I will certainly be glad when all this work is over, it's like having a job. I hope everyone is having a nice spring and making it through breakup.


becky3086 said...

I have never completely lived in the wild and am not sure I would want to but I sure would like to see it sometime. The pictures of the lake were very nice.

John said...

Hi Becky, thanks for stopping by. I have a feeling you would make a fine Alaska Bush Woman. The problem is, if you got out to a homestead or the Alaska wilderness. You won't want to leave.

Penny said...

What a wonderfully appreciative eye (and soul) you have, John! So many trade-offs wherever one chooses to live. This is my first Alaska break up and here in Anchorage, at least, it is very messy business! I'm always looking forward to your posts and pics!

John said...

Hi Penny, really nice to hear from you. Breakup is tough everywhere, hope you stick around for more. More posts and pics are coming. Stick around.

Anonymous said...

Ok you have sufficiently confused me now. I thought you traded your cabin in town and the land for the 40 acres... did I miss something here? Or did you just buy it from the guy? If your building a cabin on the back of the town property and a cabin on the 8 acres? LOL anyway... I hear there is less game and more bears up the way of the Kandick now...

It is looking better and better with the 10 I'm looking at. Hoping to make it to the land office to look up some information on the property and after that is all done I will probably be taking the leap into remote land ownership... I have mapped a trail on my topo maps out to the property...It will be a hike out there for now. I will have to hike it to find a trail to be able to get into it with either an ATV or a snow machine.

By the way love the new pictures you have posted.


John said...

You have a good eye for detail Wash. We made a deal where I can keep my properties as well as the 40. He wants to keep it private so, I saw no reason to bring it up. As far as the Kandik area, my friend up there says there is suffient game. Sounds like you are ready to pack up and move in. Good luck

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you kind of had me scratching my head too. Don't get greedy man! lol

Great pics. I so can't wait till I'm out there too. We'll be, uh, neighbors by way of a few hundred miles or more maybe. :)

Talk to you later,

John said...

Hi R, sometimes I wonder if I'm taking on to much. Couple hundred miles? That makes for good neighbors, lol

Anonymous said...

Think of it this way John, you get tired of staying one place move on to the next... You wont be tied to one place this way.

LOL Ya I have one more on line thing to check then Im going to give her an answer.

John said...

I guess that is one way to look at it. Hope it works out.

CottonLady said...

Hi, John, hope all is well with you. Did you go to your new property?
I'm just stopping by to say "Happy Easter" and wish you the best.
You're pictures of Denali are stunning! I have just one picture like that before the clouds moved in. Love the mountain and the park.

John said...

Hi Cotton, HAPPY EASTER back at ya. Everything is fine, thanks for asking. The lake I took that picture from is a couple of miles away from me and the mountain is over 100 miles from the lake.

Susan Stevenson said...

Lovely view of beautiful Denali and Foraker. I love when the mountain is out in all its glory.

While I don't have extensive experience living in the bush, I did enjoy the week that my husband and i spent up in the Wrangells. It was so peaceful. Only the ground squirrels kept us company. Sometimes they're better company than humans. :)

Enjoy your weekend!