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The Bush Life

The Bush Life
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Monday, April 30, 2012


 It's Monday and not to much went on this weekend. Sunday got up and had a big breakfast. Yep, the usual,
Powdered eggs,dehydrated hash browns, precooked sausage and Cinnamon Spice coffee (Dunkin Donuts).

 I pretty much spent the time cleaning my stovepipe and stove. To hard to take pictures doing that. Mostly sat and read a book, that my friend John gave me, called trails. Later in the afternoon, I decided to make some Rabbit soup, my last rabbit.

 As you can see, I kinda porked up this winter, need to work on that.

 I'm getting real itchy these days to get out of town for a while. I talked to a friend of mine who flew over my Skwentna property and said the lake is still closed, no snow but, slushy.  I am thinking about heading out to Lake Clark for a week before going out to Skwentna. Besides, I want to get some fishing in out there. The Lake Trout get pretty big and taste good. I got this one the Spring of 2011.

 This weekend, I was looking through all the photos for the years I spent out there and, it sure brought a lot memories, some bad but, mostly good. I also have been thinking about how long it took me to realize just where I am suppose to be.
  I have noticed the number of people who view my blog has dwindled quite a bit, which is sad. I think it could be they got bored. So, I may cut down on my blogging until things get more upbeat.  Take care.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

My plans

  My plans as of now, are to get as much work done on my town property as I can. Then, I will travel to my Skwentna property as soon as the lake is ice free and begin work on the new cabin. Once that is up, I will stay up there and put in a garden and cut firewood for winter. My other plan is, to find someone who is a carpenter to stay in my town cabin to help me build another small cabin on my town property. In turn I will let him live in my present cabin rent free to keep an eye on things and do some work around the property. Not sure how that will go but, I will approach it carefully.
  So, if there is someone out there with carpentry skills and references and you want a new start in Alaska or are already in Alaska let me know. This is a dry cabin and nonsmoking. If all goes well, I will be headed out to Lake Clark around Sept. some time. That's it for now.

Saturday, no place to go

  Well it's Saturday and a bit overcast which makes me lazy. The forecast was, it's suppose to rain today and so far it hasn't. With that in mind I did most of my work yesterday. As you can see, the snow in front of my cabin is melting slowly exposing the trees I cut during the winter.

  Here is my AC/DC TV, I am using now. I had to get it out of my camper where I had it stored. Yep, I like this much better that the 19" LCD TV I had. It uses less power and takes up less room, It annoys me to have so many wires going everywhere also. I bought this years ago at Value Village in Anchorage for $10 no remote.

  I replaced that Android phone with my old Motorola Flip Phone. I have a truckers antenna that I will install on the roof to get better reception, picture to come when done.

  If you are interested in a good book about Alaska, I recommend The Quiet World. This is a very good book. I bought mine at Costcos for $17.

  An elderly neighbor of mine came down to my cabin on thursday and asked if I would be interested in a tarp and some insulation, of course I say. So I hopped in his side by side 4wheeler and rode up to his place. Well the tarp turned out to be huge, it was like 30x60. It was pretty well used so, when I got it back to the cabin, I had to move both of my vehicles to spread it out and cut the bad parts out. It was about twice the size of my driveway, length and width. So I had to fudge it and started cutting. I came out with a bunch of tarps fairly good size. I got 6 1" sheets of foam insulation.

Getting there

Finally done

  As you can see, I got quite a few different size tarps out of that one.

  I enjoy scavenging, I will pretty much collect anything of wood, you can make so many things from scrap wood.
   I am enjoying these nice sunny days, even tho the nights still hover around 30 degrees. I don't get much sun in my cabin which is fine with me because, in the summer, it will stay cool and I really can't take the hot weather very well. I usually go to bed with a cold stove and wake up about 4 a.m. and start a fire to take the chill off. The snow in my yard isn't melting fast enough for me as I have much to do. I need to build a wood shed and a small shed to keep stuff in so I can sell my camper and put some fill in. I think I will be pretty busy this year. Take care.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Checking in

Not a whole lot going on, got a few pics

I have got to work on those night photos. Here is a pesky fly that kept trying to get up my nose and ear

He tried one to many times

I finally got rid of the Android phone and went back to my basic flip phone. Now I don't have Internet at my beck and call and don't really miss it. As a matter of fact I replaced my 19" LCD TV, VCR/DVD and BluRay player with my old 10" ac/dc with VCR tv. Less wires and my eyes don't strain anymore. I am downgrading everything, tired of having stuff around I don't want or need. Anyway, I will be Internet active Mon. Weds. Fri. and sometimes Sat. Well, that's it for now.

Monday, April 23, 2012

My Weekend

Well, here it is Monday and I am trying to stick to my Internet schedule, Mon. Weds. Fri. and sometimes Sat.. Last Friday when I closed down my computer and headed to the car, I saw some people over by the library pond and went to investigate. Here is what I saw.

The funny thing is, as I was taking the pictures, I never noticed the ducks in the background.YIKES! I got old eyes. A friend of mine brought me some fresh eggs and I ran out of potatoes and dehydrated hash browns but, I had plenty of French fries.

That was Sunday breakfast, afterwards it was to nice of day to hang out at the cabin so, I went down to the creek that's a 5 min. walk from the cabin to check it out.
                Looking up the creek

              Looking down the creek

                Looking across the creek

Then I hopped in the car and headed to Kashwitna Lake and check out the situation there, sometimes it ain't so pretty.

It makes me so mad to see this stuff. I will never understand why people need to do this. I picked up most of the garbage and took it home and burned it. I decided to look past the garbage.

After the lake, I took a ride down to Willow Creek.

Across the bridge where I took the photos from, is an old campground and here is the old office.

                     Nature taking its toll.

Across from this old campground is a new one and I went to visit some of its inhabitants.

This morning as I was drinking my coffee, I noticed a large number of birds coming to the feeder so, I made another one out of a container I had pretzels and other stuff in in. The birds took to it right away.

As the days get longer and sunny, I am really feeling good and no more cabin fever. I am making plans to head up to my Skwentna property and start on the new cabin. I wish I could do it now but, there is still a lot of snow there and to dangerous to land with skiis. Anyway, this is what went on with me for the weekend.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Breaking news

I think this is what everyone was waiting for. I have made my decision on my remote living status. I am notgoing through with the 40 acre deal. The owner decided he didn't want to make the trade but said, he wouldn't mind if I go ahead and move up there and live anyways and keep my other properties. This is still a good deal but, not for me. So, I have decided to................................................{long pause} to move back to the Lake Clark area and settle down. I made a deal with the owner of the lodge to caretake during the winter for no pay and he will provide me with an area to build a cabin and that there will be no obligations, I come and go as I please and pretty much do what I want. He said that was an offer he couldn't refuse. I have been with him for 10 years and know he is very trustworthy plus, he is a Territorial Alaskan and that means something in Alaska. I will keep my properties for now and use the remote skwentna property when I want to get away and the town property in between. I may offer the town property to someone to stay in it for the winter free as a caretaker. I plan to build another cabin on the town property for me. I am also thinking of allowing those who want to experience living in the BUSH to use my remote cabin in Skwentna as a way to get started and see if this lifestyle is for them. I made this decision because, I have always liked and enjoyed the Lake Clark area. Over the years I use to fly over it and think that one day I would settle there. Many of you have seen the pictures from there and know what I mean. Anyway, that is my decision.

This is Lake Clark

Some ramdon photos

The one thing I am terrible about is, dating photos but, they are taken from my town cabin. soon, I hope to spread out and take other photos.
Rabbit soup using some free couscous I got.

This was the temp. for yesterday

More rabbits, birds squirrels

He blinked

Mooseburger to order

Can't forget breakfast, sourdough pancakes, homemade.

Almost forgot the squirrel

I bought this solar powered lamp last winter for $5 and it never worked until this spring. It comes on around 7 or 8pm and stays on until about 11pm. Winter is  the time I need it more, go figure. I took this during daylight.

This is how it works at night.

I built a temporary counter as I was running out of room. It's on the left for those of you who are new.

I also figured it was about time to have salt and pepper shakers so, I took some old medicine containers and took the clear plastic out of the tops, drilled some holes and you have shakers.

I made some progress on the outhouse, handles and of course the moon. The lock is temporary.

Spring clouds

That is enough pictures for now, I don't want to spoil all of you too much. Enjoy