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The Bush Life
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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Well, it is a nice day the sun is out and the morning started out at 10 degrees. I thought it would be a nice day to catch up in the blog world. I just picked up a neat coffee maker, only problem, it just makes 6 cups of coffee. The yellow one.

As Spring engulfs us, I am getting very excited about getting up to the 40 acre homestead and begin work on it getting it ready for next winter. The person I got it from tells me there are all spiecies of Salmon, Rainbow Trout and Pike in the area as well as moose and of course bear. He also tells me not far away there are all kinds of berries and many wild edible plants which includes mushrooms. This is going to be a great year for me. I will put the woodfired sauna to a lot of use also. I have talked with the owner of the lodge close by and I will be able to use his Internet signal during the summer as well as his airstrip both summer and winter.
 My plan is to only have to make one trip to town for supplies as I really don't want to go anymore than that. I will be very busy fixing things, fishing, hunting and canning. There is a rootceller behind the cabin and a handpump for water inside the cabin. The pipe goes through the rootceller allowing for water pumped during the winter. So, I hope all my friends check in now and see how things progress.


becky3086 said...

Sounds like a really great place. I will be watching and can't wait to see it!

John said...

Thanks Becky

Penny said...

Wow. That sounds very exciting. Something that suits you very well, eh? I'm happy you landed this deal/adventure/next step in the journey.

John said...

Thanks Penny, it certainly will be a new adventure and a good one. It suits me very wqell.

Anonymous said...

Awesome John,

Sounds like you've got a real bargain on your hands. I gotta say, I'm just a touch envious lol

Good for you. I can't wait till you get in there and we get some pictures and stories.

Take care,

John said...

Hi R, thanks for checcking in. Nice to know I still have friends checking in. This is a sweet deal and will make for good blogging.

Susan Stevenson said...

Glad you'll be able to blog more often. Looking forward to reading about your adventures at the new place!

John said...

Thanks Susan, nice to hear from you.

lynn said...

Gee with the table cloths and yellow coffee pot you are a regular Suzie homemaker, or are these just tactics to get some women up there? :) I love enamel ware items.

John said...

Hi Lynn, lol, I guess you are on to me. Mail order women are to expensive,, lol. I like enamelware also.