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The Bush Life
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Thursday, March 29, 2012


It's a beautiful day here today, the sun is shining bright and the temp. is already

Last night I was just hanging out in the cabin watching a movie, "Chisum" with John Wayne. It was over about 7:20pm and so, I sat there listening to radio. It was still light out and seemed very warm. Believe it or not

I decided I needed something to do so, I went out side and climbed on the roof to see how much ice was left. I got my chipper and commenced to chipping away, {sorry, forgot to take photos} and it came off in big chunks because of the warm weather I assume. I had the roof cleared off in 20 min. Well, that was enough work for me. Went back in the cabin to have coffee and listen to the radio. As I was sitting there, I could just make out the sun setting and it looked pretty cool through my trees.

This was the end result.

They arn't very good professional wise but, they were mine for that moment and will never see the same again. For me, I see the beauty and uniqness in the simple things that come along. I would never trade my life or lifestyle for anything. Too many people worry about too many things.
  This morning started out pretty good, had a big breakfast, powdered eggs, dehydrated hash browns and precooked sausage, heat and eat. LOL. Because I just have tar paper on the roof, I decided to put a tarp on the roof before it starts raining. So, I went up spread the tarp out then folded it back up to let what little ice was left melt off. Pictures to come. As I stepped on to the ladder, the bottom of it slipped out and slid, so, down with the ladder I went. The bottom caught into a snow bank and wedged against the cabin wall and one leg went through the ladder and there I lay on my back on the ladder. It actually saved me from real harm because, underneath there were big chunks of jagged ice sticking up. WOW! Talk about luck.  These are the only bruises I got.

This body sure has taken a beating over the years and at 64, I'm glad I am still in pretty good shape. But, I think I will be a bit more cautious from now on, don't want to press my luck. I will be heading up to the new homestead sometime next week and see how much work I have a head of me. Should be very interesting. That's enough for today. Hope everyone is enjoying this Spring weather. Take care.


Evano said...


John said...

Yep, only, thats not the word or words I used. LOL

Anonymous said...

Love the sunrise pictures... If I'm up early enough I love sitting and watching the sun come up. Always enjoy the driving to work when the sun is coming up.. Never the same twice.. and the beauty cant be beat. Of course I have some pictures of some beautiful sun sets too... LOL

Hey be careful on those ladders in this weather. They can be dangerous. Guess you already know this. Lucky you wern't hurt too bad. When you get to the new place your going to have to post pictures and all. Your going to have to tell us all about the place.


I have found 10 acres Im interested in. Need to do a bit of checking. It is not way remote but far enough out I away from everything. Not sure if there is any roads out there yet. Need to find out. If so I will have to let it pass.

CottonLady said...

So glad you were not hurt any worse!!! I try to steer clear of doing too much ladder work, I'm a few years older than you and I could lay for quite awhile before anyone found me.
Your pictures are absolutely beautiful! Loved every one of them.
I live in the very flat area of Texas and just love all the sunrises and sunsets. They just can't be beat for beauty.
Take care and I'll be waiting to see pictures of your new place. Have fun on your trip.

John said...

Hi Wash, I think no matter how many times we say, we will be more careful, we slip up. Good luck on that property, hope it works out for ya.

John said...

Hi Cotton, sunrises, sunsets and clouds are my favorite. They are so beautiful to wake up to and enjoy every day. Sometimes, I feel,, that is what I live for. The new place should be an interesting and fun project.

Anonymous said...

Im hoping to get the GPS on it Monday. I will look it up on google earth and drop it close enough to look around to see what cabins are in the area... according to the map it is still about 6 miles from pavement and population. I have a map that shows trails and there is only a trail around a couple of the pieces of property. Mostly it is from one down to the river. Not bad for being on a nice salmon river. It is covered in birch, spruce and fiddle head ferns from the pictures she sent me that she took back in 1990. Going to check out stuff at the recorders office Monday.

We will see. I guess if I had a place that I was working for then I could start setting goals again and make my preperations. Come summer I could start moving stuff out there easing the load here. That would be so nice.

Anonymous said...

Glad you weren't hurt any worse on the ladder. Are you going to fly out to your property? My Grandson and I started for our cabin Thurs. Got 10 miles out and the old Arctic Cat broke down. Had to tow him back to the landing with the skandic. took us 3 hours to get the machine up onto the trailer to bring it home.
Really enjoy your photos.

John said...

Hey Wash, sounds like a pretty nice piece of property. Having salmon close by is always a plus. I'm sure if there are fiddle heads, there are other wild edible plants. It's always nice to work your property, way better than having a regular job.

John said...

Hi John, thanks. I plan on flying out next week. Sorry to hear about your Arctic Cat. That makes for a depressing day. I should have some interesting photos when I get back.

Susan Stevenson said...


Be careful John!

John said...

Thanks Susan, I plan on being more careful, I hope.