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The Bush Life
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Monday, March 26, 2012

ahhhh, Spring! I think

This is one crazy spring. During the day it is sunny and almost 40 degrees and I am working in a tshirt. Then at night it goes to either 0 or -10.

Believe it or not, under that pile of snow is firewood.

I have been shoveling for quite awhile and decided to take a break with a nice bottle of Corona.

Here is the firewood I dug out.

Here is a great deal I got from a friend. I traded a propane fridge for this 1995 Subaru, runs great.

Ice buildup, now you see it.

Now you don't, it wasw a real chore getting it off. the other side is next.

I have an audience.

Things are going very well so far. I can't wait to get up to the 40 acres and start working on the cabin. There is a lodge close by that will let me use their Internet signal so, I will be able to give you updates more often. I will be back to the library on Wednesday with more to talk about. take care everyone.


Evano said...

looking good man!

What kind of bird is that in the last picture? If that's an odd question, remember that I'm not from there...we get mostly ravens here.

John said...

Hi Evano, that is a Magpie.

John said...

Hi Becky, good to hear from you. Sorry, I deleted your post by mistake. OOPS!

CottonLady said...

My goodness, John, that is a lot of snow to move!! Love the picture of the magpie.

It is going from Winter to Summer here with just a brief stop for Spring. It's in mid to upper 80's already. And I so love Spring, it just doesn't last long.

Take care.

John said...

Hi Cotton, it is quite a bit of snow and a lot of work. Just ask my body, lol. 80? That is way to hot for me. Keep checking in.

Anonymous said...

Hey John
been wondering when you were going to post again.
Think you got a terrific deal on that subaru.. I think I might even have some spare parts in the garage you could use.. I'll check.. I always stock up on head lamps, oil filters, etc, then when I trade the car off I end up with things that never seem to fit the newer cars. I assume you got the Trooper running as it's parked back in the yard.. I finally got my Skandic back from the dealer.. but still have the little ski-doo in the garage waiting on parts..
take care

John said...

Going to take your Skandic on a test run? The Trooper is running. I coulduse a pair of rear struts for the Subaru.

Deb said...

Hello John, you blog is so interesting, I live in Northeast Alabama, nice and sunny here today, planting my garden, Deb

John said...

Hi Deb, Welcome. Thanks, I'm glad you like it. Hope you stick around. Have fun in the garden