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The Bush Life

The Bush Life
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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Change is happening

  I kind of took that first step, next Monday I am turning in my Android phone. I have a regular cellphone I will just hook up for phone calls for right now. I will make trips to the library 3 times a week to use the Internet to get messages and update my blog. Yep,I am weening myself off this Internet addiction so to speak. I believe that our lives have been taken over by electronics and is spoiling everyone that uses it. Not to mention how much information is gathered about your personal life. I had 5 credit cards and I cut up 4. I will keep 1 credit card and my debit card for now then, some time down the road I will use checks or cash. I want to keep myself less dependent on modern technology. Ever since I was introduced to the world of Internet, I lost the personal touch. I will start writing letters again, send postcards and cards for all occasions. There is just something wrong with receiving or giving an Ecard. We are losing our human status.
  I am starting  to get all my stuff together for the move back to Skwentna and I am deciding now to either sell or rent the town cabin. It is a great little cabin and in a nice area but, it just isn't the Bush. I don't feel the freedom like one has in a remote area, don't see the wildlife or feel the quietness. Not to mention, the grader keeps plowing my driveway in, I've never had to worry about that before,LOL.
  I actually feel at peace with myself now and find myself reading more and getting things done and not being lazy. I haven't been on Craigslist in a week and a half. I have been going on walkabouts and they were nice but,it made me a bit nervous seeing it is strange surroundings.
  The trooper, ah yes, there is something that really drives me nuts. I have been trying to narrow down the problem and just can't figure it out yet. I know it is not getting spark but, can't figure out why. I can't find a mechanic out here willing to come here and see if it's a simple or hard fix. The garages want me to tow it to them so I can pay $90 to $100 an hour. I might be better off trying to sell it or give it away and be rid of the headache.
  So, here I am sitting in the town library, it's about 20something degrees and a light snow is falling, drinking a diet pepsi and snacking on pretzels. I'm the only one in the hall on the Internet. Nice and quiet though. Guess I will head on back and make some coffee, put another log on the fire and read. Hope everyone has a nice day. Later

I will be at the library Monday, Wednesday and Saturday
That's when I will moderate comments. The jerk with the mouth is still stalking my blog. Sorry

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