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The Bush Life

The Bush Life
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Monday, December 19, 2011

Trip to Skwentna

My friend Dave and I left Deshka Landing Friday about 11am. This is us starting out.

Here are some pictures along the trail.

My friend Dave

Me of course. Couldn't stand the helmet. Put my Beaver hat on.

Here we were 2 miles from my place and got stopped dead in our tracks. To much snow. A guy and his wife came by with a Skandic super widetrack and went ahead and opened the trail.
  Here at the property and got the machine stuck. Had 4 to 5 ft. of snow.

Finally got a path cleared on the property.

Dave shoveled snow in front of the cabin.

Me tamping a pathway.

One of my many thick Birch trees. 26in. diameter

Snow on the cabin.

Well I have to cut this short. It took us 6 hrs. when it should have been 3 because of the rollercoaster trail and getting stuck 2 miles from the cabin. I will add more later.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Weekend and future plans

I decided to come in today and do this post as I need Wednesday to prepare for a trip this weekend. First off, Breakfast, French Toast [made with powdered eggs], moose sausage and cinnamon spice coffee.

and it tasted real good.
 This Friday a friend and I are attempting another trip up to Skwentna and will spend the weekend there. We may come back Sunday or possibly Monday. This morning it was 10 degrees at the town cabin. So, I am hoping it stays cold.
 I  am doing some thinking on the town cabin and may keep it as I am thinking about selling the Skwentna property and going farther North up around the Brooks Range. I just keep getting the urge to be farther away from the road system. If this happens, I may have to break down and find me a partner, of the female gender of course. It's hard enough to look at this old face in the mirror.

A lot of hard years showing here. I suspect, I will do this journey alone. The Brooks Range is a beautiful area and very little human signs around. I will go this summer and scout out a place that has just about everything I need, this will be an adventure in itself. As far as the town cabin, I will keep it as a place to stay should I come to town and let certain Bush friends use it if they care to. As you can tell, things are really getting better for me. I was in a slump for awhile but, I am back to my old self.
 Being at the cabin this weekend will be good therapy. [SP?] I hope the trip up is uneventful, I will take my 1910 Winchester 25/20 for small game. I want to also see if my phone works up there. I'm pretty sure it won't work in the Brooks, what a shame, LOL. What would really be nice is, I could find a private pilot who would enjoy the trip and share expenses to the Brooks.
 Well, that just about does it, hope everyone has a great weekend.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Getting better

First of all, I started the renovation on my new outhouse.


OK, this was my attempt at a little humor. Things are seeming much better lately, I think it is because of the time of the year. Christmas time is by far my best time of the year. One day this week, I am turning in my Android and will just have basic cell service. I actually like coming to the library to use the Internet. Having it at the cabin spoils my down time. I spent yesterday shoveling snow.

   I had to make snow steps, the hill was getting slippery.

I have a few more projects to do and the weather is so nice, it is easier to get into them. This time of the year, I enjoy many things, shelter, food, warmth and my health. Not to mention the fact that I am in control of my life and no one else is. But, lately, I have been thinking about those who are a lot less fortunate than myself and many others. I bring it up because, the other day I stumbled on to a local radio station and the host kept talking about the homeless being drunks, druggies, dirty, smelly and a few other nasty names. I can't help thinking no matter how they got there, they are someones mom, dad, brother, sister, you get the point. It just saddens me that these people on talk radio who probably have a good home, has the means to help these people, rather than kick people while they are down. Their voice is heard in many parts of Alaska and can't help thinking they are a part of the problem fueling hate among people. So, as a New Year resolution, when I see someone down and out I will try to help in any way I can.
 On a lighter note, somewhere around the end of January, I am gong to help one of my Bush neighbors out, building a new cabin. I will look forward for that time. This is what Bush people do, help each other out when needed. I hope the weather gets colder, as I am planning to go to Skwentna this weekend. Last weekend was a bust.
 I am getting in my Bush mode, had powdered eggs and dehydrated hash browns for breakfast these past two days. Tomorrow morning, French toast made with powdered eggs and moose sausage. Life don't get much better than that. I am also going to build a temporary outdoor shower. I will provide a picture when done but, will spare you on how it works,LOL.
 So, that is my post for today and hopefully, I will have more to share on Wednesday. Take care.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Change is happening

  I kind of took that first step, next Monday I am turning in my Android phone. I have a regular cellphone I will just hook up for phone calls for right now. I will make trips to the library 3 times a week to use the Internet to get messages and update my blog. Yep,I am weening myself off this Internet addiction so to speak. I believe that our lives have been taken over by electronics and is spoiling everyone that uses it. Not to mention how much information is gathered about your personal life. I had 5 credit cards and I cut up 4. I will keep 1 credit card and my debit card for now then, some time down the road I will use checks or cash. I want to keep myself less dependent on modern technology. Ever since I was introduced to the world of Internet, I lost the personal touch. I will start writing letters again, send postcards and cards for all occasions. There is just something wrong with receiving or giving an Ecard. We are losing our human status.
  I am starting  to get all my stuff together for the move back to Skwentna and I am deciding now to either sell or rent the town cabin. It is a great little cabin and in a nice area but, it just isn't the Bush. I don't feel the freedom like one has in a remote area, don't see the wildlife or feel the quietness. Not to mention, the grader keeps plowing my driveway in, I've never had to worry about that before,LOL.
  I actually feel at peace with myself now and find myself reading more and getting things done and not being lazy. I haven't been on Craigslist in a week and a half. I have been going on walkabouts and they were nice but,it made me a bit nervous seeing it is strange surroundings.
  The trooper, ah yes, there is something that really drives me nuts. I have been trying to narrow down the problem and just can't figure it out yet. I know it is not getting spark but, can't figure out why. I can't find a mechanic out here willing to come here and see if it's a simple or hard fix. The garages want me to tow it to them so I can pay $90 to $100 an hour. I might be better off trying to sell it or give it away and be rid of the headache.
  So, here I am sitting in the town library, it's about 20something degrees and a light snow is falling, drinking a diet pepsi and snacking on pretzels. I'm the only one in the hall on the Internet. Nice and quiet though. Guess I will head on back and make some coffee, put another log on the fire and read. Hope everyone has a nice day. Later

I will be at the library Monday, Wednesday and Saturday
That's when I will moderate comments. The jerk with the mouth is still stalking my blog. Sorry