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The Bush Life

The Bush Life
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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Things are changing

Hi everyone, first of all I want to show you my new woodstove and outhouse.

These are the before pictures of the out house. When I am done fixing it up, I will post new pictures. The temps. here have been in the -20's to -35 just about every day and night. It just recently got up to -8.

I have been giving everything going on with me some thought. I just don't care to be on the road system for even a little time. I have decided to head up to my Skwentna property and spend some time there. I really need some alone remote time.  I am shooting for around the middle of Dec. I also got a request from a friend who has a remote cabin west of me to come stay with he and his wife and help him finish a cabin he is building and am entertaining that thought. It would be nice to spend some quality time with other Bushdwellers.
  I am thinking about renting out the Willow cabin and then possibly selling it. I may try to sell it outright or carry the paper which wouldgive me steady income. I have an attorney friend that will help me set it up.
  I am so looking forward to getting up to Skwentna. It will be nice to be among Nature and not have so many people around. I will be alone this Thanksgiving for the first time in a long time. When at the lodge, I had a couple that would come out for smoke turkey and all the fixins. So this year, I will pack the backpack, grab my rifle and snowshoes and head into the woods for the day. I wish everyone a very


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hi everyone

Well, it's a beautiful day and cold. This morning I woke up to -30 degrees and was snug as a bug with my new woodstove I bought last Wednesday. Sorry, I took pictures and forgot to download them on my computer, next time. Since my last post I have mostly been just keeping warm. Had a great time installing the new woodstove. First of all, it was heavy, it took all I had just to lift it up on the porch to get it inside. Stupid me, I decided it would be easier to roll it end over end, "OOPS" forgot about the firebricks inside. HUH? No, they didn't break luckily. Anyway, I bought new stovepipe and we all know how fun it is to snap them together. I called my neighbor who happens to be a musher and he came down to help me, he held the stovepipe while I snapped them together. Then came time to put the damper in, oh yeah, that didn't go so well either. I put it in but, it didn't want to snap in right so, I use a hammer on the end of the handle and yep, broke the damper in half. So, my neighbor drove me to town 26 miles roundtrip to get another one. He put that one in, thank goodness.
  The stove works great but, sometimes it can run you right out of the cabin. I think I have it figured out now. The stove I bought has a window in the door and sure makes it nice at night with the oil lamps. Speaking of which, I broke one of them which was frosted and now I need to locate one. Probably Ebay. I got the outhouse built also but, don't remember if I loaded a pic on here. If not, that will have to be the next time. I thought I would check in and let  you all know what is happening. My plan is to keep current as much as I can.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Back again

I apologize for taking so long getting back into blogging. I have been very busy working on the new cabin on the road system and actually have it almost 100% done. It is livable.

  I think I did a fairly good job. It's cozy and warm. To tell the truth I really am not that happy being here and am trying to make a decision on what to do. I find being on the road system is way tougher than being remote. I am making plans to return to my remote property soon, I hope. I have some issues I need to tie up here first.

 I am presently in a library and people have their kids running around, screaming and bothering everyone. They are driving me nuts. I hope I get through this without a meltdown. Anyway, I am kept busy, shoveling snow, harvesting firewood and just finished my new outhouse. Which, I forgot to take a picture of before I got here.

  I had a friend who stopped by yesterday who has a cabin out by my place and was a welcome visit. I don't get many visitors here,the people who live around here seem to keep to themselves. The interesting thing is, most of the people who live close by have no electricity like myself but, run everything either by generator or solar panels. Although close by there is a section with very expensive houses with electricity.

  I bought a 1988 Isuzu Trooper to drive while here and that has bitten the dust. It turns over but, won't start. I am trying to locate the problem.

   There a quite a few mushers around and I am trying to meet them because they are the closest I will find who enjoys the BUSH. DeeDee Jonroe is about 2 miles down the road from me. I did make friends with a guy who lives around the corner from me and lets me come and do laundry once in awhile. He seems to be a recluse because, the locals don't associate with him. Maybe because we are both Vietnam Veterans we get along.

 This is from where I get my water, it is about 3 miles down the road.

 There is a creek within 5 minutes from me but, not sure about the water. I will try it soon, if for no other reason, I can use it for showering.

  The one interesting thing about here is, I am surrounded by people but, I may as well be remote. They kind of stick to themselves or have their own little clique?

  I hope everyone is understanding of my tardiness in keeping my blog up. I will try to do better in the days to come. Hopefully soon, I will be out at the homestead.  Take care and wish everyone a great winter.