My tent cabin on the Kvechak River

The Bush Life

The Bush Life
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Friday, April 29, 2011

Silence and Solitude

The whole idea of Silence and Solitude, is to have you look at the pictures and use your imagination.

                                      Good Night


Alaska Homestead Family said...

Some really great shots! Thank you for sharing.

John said...

You are welcome Homestead. I really enjoy taking pictures.

David G said...

Great pictures

John said...

Thanks Dave

Anonymous said...

Hi John--What fantastic pictures! Looks like that old barn has log beams inside also. Do you know any history on it? We have a ton of old farmsteads around us. Most have no barns and just a tiny 20x20 sod house. We look forword to youe posts. Bridgett

Carol G said...

Is that old homestead somewhere around your new place?

John said...

Anonymous and Carol, This place is down the beach between me and the village. It was owned by some someone who belonged to a Christian Org. and tried to do missionary work in the village. Not exactly sure what happened but, over the years, people took everything out of it including the windows and some of the logs