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The Bush Life
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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Just plain lazy today

I was going to buck and split more wood today but, it didn't work out that way. I just couldn't get started. Of course I did have another nice morning with my coffee.

I was so lazy this morning, I didn't want to cook breakfast so, I had a couple of PB&J sandwiches. One of the things I like living a remote lifestyle is, you don't have to be like everyone else, you can pretty much do what you want, eat what you want and do nothing if you want. Sure beats the heck out of having to be somewhere to. As I looked out my window, I found solid proof the ice on the lake is melting although slow. The tree that marks my waterhole is leaning.
I am going to go out and remove it soon, maybe today. Someone from the village rides out this way to give their dog exercise and the dog always stops at the tree to take a whiz. To close to my water hole. Now he will have to hold it until he reaches another tree. LOL.

I was out back and the fuel plane was getting ready to land. This is Everetts Fuel Service.
These pilots are really good. I've watched them manuver this plane like a small plane. They are top notch. I really enjoy watching them every chance I get. I would really like to get a ride in that baby.  The wind is picking up and some clouds are moving in. The wind is out of the South which means warm air blown over the ice on the lake melting it faster. The clouds indicate to me, it may rain which will help in the breakup.

  I think I will pretty much spend the rest of the day and evening reading and watching a couple of movies. Tomorrow is another day and I will haul water and take down the tree. LATER


becky3086 said...

Everybody has to have a relaxing day now and then.

John said...

I hear ya. Sometimes I feel guilty knowing there are things that need to be done.......NOT,LOL

Carol G said...

I think you needed a break after cutting up all that firewood yesterday! I hope you enjoyed it and got some more pics for us for tomorrow...

WindWalkerRanch said...

Things to be done will be there tomorrow---enjoy today. With the tree leaning over so much do you feel safe going on the ice? I have visions of you falling thru! As you can tell it is VERY dry here in Colorado and I know nothing of lakes and ice. We've had about 7 inches total of snow all winter--that melts the next day. The fields are dust instead of wheat on our ranch. Love your pictures. Bridgett

Susan Stevenson said...

I love the photos. Small camera or not - if the person behind the lens doesn't know how to compose a pleasing scene, it doesn't matter how big a camera you have. You have a great eye. :)

I love PB&J. Sometimes I'll crave a sandwich as a bedtime snack. Mmmmm mmmm good!

John said...


I didn't do anything Thursday, the wind starting blowing big time and made the air a little chilly and everything was blowing around.

The ice is still safe, there is about 2 1/2 ft of ice left. It takes awhile for it to melt. Right now it's raining and it is calling for showers for the next 5 days. Won't get much done now.


Thanks for the nice words. I've never had a really good camera but, you are right. You have to have a good eye and a real interest in taking pictures. My secret is to look through the window and if it looks pleasing then, I snap the picture. If it's plain looking like blah, I don't.
For me, it is my love for Nature that keeps me going. Thanks again