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The Bush Life
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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Blanket Wash Day

                      This was the moon last night.

It is that time of the year to wash blankets. I had two big ones that wouldn't fit in my 5 gal. bucket or portable washer. So, my friend Ron, the village DOC let me bring them to his place to wash. So, I put them in my sled and headed to the village.
Here I am approaching the creek I usually cross to get to the village. I wanted to check it out, as you can see, it's starting to melt.

                     Here's the Rons house and boat

Anyway, I spent a couple of hours there and watched him put some Hughes net dishes together. Yep, not only does he take care of every ones medical needs, he is also the installer and area technician. He even takes care of the animals at times. After the blankets were done, I headed back to the cabin. Took this on the way back. An old barge that's been sitting there a few years.
         This is the creek and it is starting to thaw out.
I took a picture of me standing in the slush to give you an idea of the melting. The slush was just about over my boots.

Normally before the ice and snow, the creek is about 10 feet across at it's narrowest and maybe 20 feet at it's widest. When it freezes, it will spread out to about 150 feet from the overflow. Anyway, the day turned out real nice. Sunny and 56 degrees.


becky3086 said...

The creek does not look like a good thing to stand on anymore, lol.

John said...

Nah, it's still good to cross. I did today with a 4wheeler. Just slushy. I will feel a whole lot better when it does break up completely. From now on, it will be a guessing game when I break through,LOL

Carol G said...

I love your posts, but it did make my heart beat a little faster to think of you crossing that melting ice...!

John said...


It's still good.