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The Bush Life

The Bush Life
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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Some wildlife from my past.......ENJOY

At my present location, we don't get to see many large or exotic wildlife because of to many preditors and the Pebble Mine with all its blasting, helicopters and planes operating in the immediate area. Because of these activities we have to travel many miles for food. That only happens if there is enough snow on the ground.

Also, I haven't been on the computer all that long and the majority of my photos were taken long before the digital camera came along.


Rumbarr said...

Nice ! Thank you

Is that a Lynx on the bottom ? are they aggresive towards humans ? The picture with the 2 birds, thats a cute one .

John said...

Yes, that's a Lynx. As a rule they are not aggressive towards humans. Most times they are like a wolf and stay away from humans. These two baby birds I saw one day on a bottom limb of a tree behind my cabin. Never saw that before. I took some bread crumbs to them and mom was in a branch above them watching me.