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The Bush Life
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Friday, December 31, 2010

Welcome Jesse

Thanks for signing up. Weigh in anytime.

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Jesse said...

Hi John I post as woodsman on the Alaska outdoors forum as well as on the Frontier freedom forum. Neat idea you have about using a vhf radio for communication. As for me I am currently living in Idaho dreaming of Alaska. I lived in Fairbanks for a year in 2004 and loved it. I would like to someday live in a modest 1 room cabin with a sleeping loft. I Have been looking at land in the Skwentna area. The stuff in alder view addn looks good at least from online. Any suggestions you have on land in the Skwentna area would be appreciated.

I dream of living a bush lifestyle. The economy down here has greatly slowed me down in saving any money. It is to the point where I need to get off my butt and make some job contacts in Alaska before I start losing money here.

So I have a couple questions before calling it a night. I am pretty good with computers and looking into getting a couple certifications as a way to support myself in the bush. Might be able to bring in around $300 a month with 2 to 3 hours work a night. So my question is how much gas do you think a guy would burn up in a honda eu-2000 just charging batteries a couple times a week to run a laptop and modem as well as a radio but probably very little else. now during the summer I could charge with solar panels but during the winter if i didn't control fuel expenses the cost of fuel plus internet would eat any cash that I earned.

What suggestions would you have for a young guy looking to support himself in the bush. I know it dosent take much cash but it dose take some. I'm 27 so Im a long way from social security. I know a lot of people guide but there are not as many opertunities with the economy down.