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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Back in time

Hi everyone, sorry for taking so long to post again, I am really trying to get with the program. I have been spending a lot of time looking at photos back in the days. The more I see them, the more I miss those days. I want to share a little bit with all of you today. I will start by showing you pictures of some more firewood I got. There are 2 rows.

The difference between this woodstove and the previous one is, this one is much bigger and I can put more and bigger pieces in and I don't have to get up in the middle of the night. Also, it has a water jacket for hot water and a warming shelf on opposite side.

Winter is here again, snowed all day yesterday 

I just bought that orange snowblower for a hundred bucks but, it has chains on the wheels and I have to take them off, The wheels slip with them on.

Because the snow was a wet one, I let it build up on the woodshed I moved last Summer and I neglected to remove the snow, OOPS!

I'm getting back to cooking again, made some red beans and rice.
What kind of meat is in there you ask? Good ole Alaska standby on every real Alaskans shelf
Yep, good ole SPAM
Breakfast this morning
Dinner tonight

Ok, here is what you have been waiting for. Quite a few years ago a best part of my life was living out in the Bush and doing it in a wall tent. Yep, you heard it right, a wall tent. The antenna on top was  for my VHF marine radio, that's how I communicated with other people, this was before cell phones. On the front to the left is a 55 gal. drum that held fuel oil for my drip stove.
My drip stove that sat to the left as you come in the door.
Past the stove is a couch I got for free and it was very comfortable.
The table you see on the back wall was an empty refrigerator box that I got.
This was my cot I slept on

I don't have a photo but, in the right hand corner as you come in, I had a table I made from plywood.

Tomorrow, I will post something about my feelings living remote amd much simpler lifestyle and I think you will be entertained a little bit more. 



bigfoot said...

Glad you're doing better. Keep posting these pictures from the past.

C Shoemaker said...

Great pix, John! The one of the sun was quite encouraging for me as a possible reflection of your current mood?

John said...

Hi bigfoot, thanks. I will, I enjoy going back in time.

John said...

Thanks Chris, you couldn't be more right. I enjoy looking back.

Anonymous said...

Hey John
\ great looking stove. a very sensible stove for this part of the globe. Did anyone ever groom the tripod trail ? The trail on the river is a lot of moguls. Some serious jumbled ice piles in a few places. then in other places the overflow has leveled things and you can put the pedal to the metal.
Son, Grandson and I went out to cabin to check on earthquake damage. Only damage inside cabin was a cribbage board fell off its shelf. No structural damage. Your cabin should be alright as well.. (I hope) 40 miles out Friday, and 40 miles back Saturday and Sunday I felt like I'd played all 4 quarters of the Super bowl..
Keep warm
Old John

John said...

Thanks John, this stove is great, I don't have to get up in the middle of the night to put wood in, even at -30 degrees. Chris says, he hasn't groomed the trail yet because it is very wet and traveling over wetlands is not a good idea unless it is hard. Maybe this weekend. Hope you enjoyed your time out there.

Art said...

That stove is pretty interesting. What's the brand? The water jacket is great!

John said...

This is called a Yukon stove, I bought it off Ebay $519 complete, free delivery.

Carol said...

Hi John, Glad to hear from you. Love the photos! I think that stove is pretty cute, I just love the look of it. Your meals look yummy as usual making my mouth water. I can't imagine living in a walled tent for the winter. Now that is what we call roughing it around You sure have lots of snow, we don't have much here right now. Thanks for sharing those photos and some of your past days. I love hearing about them!
Take care

John said...

Hi Carol, thanks for stopping by. I like the new stove as well, I get more sleep now. It feels good to get back to good meals. I do miss living in the tent, if I was doing it now, I wouldn't have collected so much stuff, lol.

Jim said...

John it's great to see your post! The stove sounds like a real luxury compared to your previous ones that you had written about.

One thing I'm curious about is living in a wall tent. I'm sure thousands of folks did it during gold rush time. But what do/did folks do about mosquitos. Stories of those things are legend. Were you able to live comfortably with them?

Have you given serious consideration about writing a book about your life in Alaska? I don't think many folks can conjure up what you have lived with, the challenges etc.

Good to see you posting again!


John said...

Hi Jim, I am really liking this stove. I have not once gotten up during the night to put wood in the stove. You know, mosquitoes were a pain in the butt. They can ruin your day, You don't get use to them, you just tolerate them. I never gave it a thought about writing a book, it's not something I would do. I do keep a diary and will pass it on to my nephews and nieces. Should they decide to, I would be honored. I appreciate the thought though.

Washkeeton said...
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John said...
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Evano said...
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John said...
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