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The Bush Life
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Sunday, July 16, 2017

My gate

Well, it's Sunday and it's a nice day. Woke up this morning and made a great breakfast.
Afterwards, I went out to finish my project.

I would say it turned out pretty nice. I took a few pictures of my back yard. The Fireweed are starting.

Then, I replenished and reorganized my arctic entry/pantry.

I still have 1 box of pasta, beans and rice and 1 box of powdered eggs to put on the shelf.

I think I have enough to last awhile. That's it for the day. Stay tuned and take care.


Anonymous said...

Hey John
That first Flower picture isn't Fireweed. It's nettles. Some people have problems with them...
What's that old saying about fireweed? When it blooms theres only 6 weeks till winter ?????
Nice looking gate. From the amount of beans you've got stashed, I'd say your Navy background is showing through...
Nothing like a big pot of ham and beans when the wx gets nasty.

Take Care
Old John

John said...

Hi John, what do I know about flowers, lol. I have a lot of beans, it will be a beany Winter.

Anonymous said...

Nice stock up, John! Isn't that a great feeling?!

Good job on the gate 👍 and you sure can't beat the price.

I've gotten lazy. I quit cooking beans from scratch, stocking up on canned beans when on sale. Seeing all your beans makes me want to try cooking a pot of my own. And shoot, I forgot tortillas when I picked up a few groceries this evening.

You take care too.


John said...

Thanks Susan, it's good to have stuff on hand so you don't have to run to the store all the time. Don't feel bad, I get lazy myself. I don't cook a lot during the Summer. Make sure you put tortillas on your next list.

bigfoot said...

If I was a rat, I'd be searching for a way into your cabin. And bringing my whole family along.!!

John said...

LOL, good one bigfoot. Funny thing, yesterday I was sitting in the cabin and heard a noise. Walked out and a squirrel came in through the walk through screen I installed.

Carol said...

John I am blown away with your gates and pantry! I love the design of your gates. I showed the picture to Dave and he loved the design too. Your pantry looks good, nice and full for the coming winter. You have been a busy man! I read in your previous post that you had a lot of rain, please send some this way as we have had none for a long time. Plants in the garden are getting stressed. Take care!

John said...

Thanks Carol, it did turn out nice. The design was a last minute thought. I may have a few more pallet projects coming up.

Rain said...

Hi John :) Your gate looks fabulous! I think it turned out great! As usual, your breakfast makes my mouth water lol...nice stocked pantry! I have to go into the deep freezer soon and try to use up things that have been there too close to a year now; then reorganize. It's fun sometimes because I discover things I forgot I had! The flowers are beautiful!

John said...

Thanks Rain. I'm like you, I have to go throgh my freezer and see what I need to use. I think everyone forgets what is in the freezer.