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The Bush Life
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Monday, January 16, 2017


Hi everyone,  made another trip to the cabin on Sunday. We left my friends house about 10 am and for once, no problems. It was a decent day to fly. I didn't take much stuff this time. Got a fire going and I hauled stuff out of the cabin and cleaned it out. Afterwards, me and Randy sat down opened a thermos full of coffee and had some homemade cookies. I apologize for no picture, I forgot my tripod. I did take a few pictures of my property.

I did start the day off with a good breakfast. Eggs, ham and hash browns.

MOOSE TRACK, they were all over my property.

Looking out towards my lake

My plan was to get the cabin completely cleaned out and as I started, Randy yelled to me that weather was setting in. Meaning snow.
Once again, the weather cut my trip short. It started snowing and it started to get colder and I couldn't more pictures because, my camera started freezing up. I took a picture of my wood stove fired up.
Sorry, it's the weathers fault.

When Randy and I were sitting there having coffee and cookies,  we decided that, there is no better life. It's beautiful out there and quiet. I decided, on my next trip out, I will spend 2-3 days and blog each day from the cabin. I was thinking about next weekend but, it is suppose to be in the negative figures and don't really want to leave my town cabin unheated for that long but, we shall see.

This week, I am going to get a hold of my freighter and make arrangements haul the bigger stuff out by snowmachine. I will definitely keep you all informed. I have to admit, I am getting excited about the move. Hopefully my next adventure will be finding a good partner. OK, that's it for now, hope you enjoy this trip. Take care.


Washkeeton said...

Glad to see you post and glad you made it out there. Sorry it was another short trip. Better that than no trip at all.


Anonymous said...

Great blog post!
Bigfoot in TX

Carol said...

Hi John, I am excited for you!! What a beautiful place. I too enjoy peace and quiet. Homemade cookies and coffee now that sounds good. Your making my mouth water thinking about them. Love the photos. I hope your next plan comes together for you. Looking forward to more post from the bush. Thanks for sharing John.

John said...

Hi Wash, I agree. The next trip will be better

John said...

Hey Bigfoot, urban welcome. More to come

John said...

Hi Carol, thanks for the kind words. Nothing better than sharing time with a friend and talking about the old days and the new ones to come.

lynn said...

Looking forward to more pics, I am very envious. Hoping soon someone shares that wonderland with you.

John said...

Hi Lynn, Thanks. I'm hoping to find someone also. I'm good either way.

Mary said...

Do you ever ice fish or skate on that lake? Love the cabin pics.

John said...

Hi Mary, I have. I'm a good fisherman, not so good skater. I'm waiting for warmer weather so I can take more pictures and do more things. Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

Hey John
Your Always talking about how your prefer cold wx over warm wx... Official temp for Wasilla right now is -27. I imagine Willow is the same or lower.. So how are you liking it ?? (: >) You got that wood stove glowing pink ? I had to plow my drive way 3 times over this past weekend, and again, I imagine you got an inch or two more than we did.. As soon as I looked at my thermometer at 7 this morning, I lit off the little wood stove we have down here in the lower level.. I decided today was a good day to just set here sipping coffee and keeping the wood stove going.

are you going to accompany your freighter on one of your snogoes when they haul your freight out to your remote ?
I'd think the Yentna trail would be really good with all the snow we got this last weekend.. Not sure about your tripod trail.

Old John

John said...

Hi John, I do like cold weather, it's the freezing weather I'm not that fond of. LOL When I woke up at 6am, it was -37. Right now, 8:30 pm, it's-35. My stove is keeping me warm. I might follow him out although, I'm getting use flying to the cabin in 20 min. LOL. WE got plenty of snow. Keep warm

Carol said...

John, how much property do you have at your remote place? I am looking forward to seeing how you make it work for you. I also said a prayer for you to find a partner. I know there has to be someone who would fit perfectly.

Do you have running water at your property on the road system? What is the worse case scenario leaving it alone?

Carol G
On a different kind of wilderness journey

John said...

Hi Carol, I have 10 acres with 900 ft. of Lake front. I will have to do a fair amount of clearing. If I found a partner, OK. If not, that's OK to. Actually, both properties are off grid. I haul water, outhouses and use a generator for electricity. I like it that way. The work keeps me healthy. I'm not sure about leaving the town cabin alone. I may install a gate in the driveway and cameras on trees. I'll figure it out.

Anonymous said...

Hi! John, so glad you made out to your cabin! It is very nice when it is peaceful and able to sit and enjoy the quiet!
I read that the temperatures in your area have been sub zero! Have you been getting a lot of snow? Ours melted off and it was up to 60 this past weekend and tonight we may get ten inches of snow! They reminded us this past weekend in the newspaper about the 1977 blizzard in New York State! (40 years ago)! I can do without that memory!,, lol. Well I hope you are getting your things around for the haul! Take care and stay warm! KC

John said...

Hi KC, Thanks. Yep, we had a bunch of days 20-40 below. Finally, we got lots of snow and I haven't gotten my lot cleaned up. I'm getting ready to make arrangements now. Post soon to come.

Carol said...

Hi John, I'm just checking in on you. I hope all is well in your neck of the woods. I see what your concern is about your town cabin: it is about people, not frozen pipes, etc. I am looking forward to reading more.

John said...

Hey Carol, glad you check in. Everything is well here, lots of snow. Stay tuned

Debbie Schreib said...

hi John! always love hearing what you are up to! love the remote cabin. :) can't wait to hear more. Debi