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The Bush Life
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Saturday, August 13, 2016

C'mon Winter

I guess you can tell, I am done with Summer and just want to skip through Fall. This has been a terrible year, at least for me. It's been exceptionally hot and now for the past two weeks, RAIN. This is why I like Winters best, it's always cool or cold and you can dress accordingly. Working outside is more pleasant and you get to see the moon, stars, Northern Lights and anything else happening in the sky.

I enjoy cooking and baking more and eating seems more pleasurable, at least for me. I am more at ease during the Winter at night with the oil lamps  and candles giving off a nice peaceful glow. There is something about Winter that brings me peace.

I've cut down on the tv watching now and moving to watching movies now. I'm a big fan of outdoor and Civil War movies, not so much for the action but, how they lived in that time period.

Not much going on, the reason for my lack of blogging although, I have put some work into the cabin. I got some free metal roofing last year and decided it has sat long enough. So, I went to work.

I believe it will lessen the heat loss during the Winter. I also started clearing a spot for my little add on.
I bought a battery operated weed eater and I really like it. It works well for the area I need it for and it's QUIET.
While using it, I came across a lot of mushrooms, I've never had, I assume resulting from all the wet weather and overgrowth.

By the way, the Fireweed is starting to turn.
Lately, because of the rain, I have been going through photographs of my early years of lodge caretaking. They bring back fond memories of happiness. During those years, I wrote poetry.  I've decided to share those memories with all of you. They were taken before digital cameras so, I will photograth them with my digital and display them. I will also share a poem with each blog.

Looking at those old photos bring back a memory I wish I could experience again. So, hope you all stay tuned. Take care


Mary said...

Nooooo. Not winter yet! There are nice things about it but I hate the short days. I like being outside and by the time I am done working it's dark. Nice roof!

John said...

LOL, I'll keep Winter to myself then. The metal roof will stop the heat loss.

Washkeeton said...

Absolutely no winter yet. Still trying to get the cabin up around the danged rain. Like the roofing, can't wait till mine is up and on. The progress is slow. Your cabin is always toasty warm. I don't think I have ever been in there I was chilly.


M. Silvius said...

The metal roof is good but not sure how much heat loss it will stop. Metal can be quite cold in winter as you well know. I'd think about blowing in some insulation between the ceiling and the roof. You place should not take that much material. The big box stores will let you use the insulation blower machine for free when you buy the bales of insulation. You will need a helper to keep the machine fed while you work the other end of the hose.

John said...

Thanks Wash, bet you can't wait to get your place enclosed. Winter will come late because, I want it sooner, lol.I'm hating this rain right now.

John said...

Hi Mike, good info to know, I will have to enclose my ceiling first, lol.

Washkeeton said...

It was suppose to be done by today and we are just starting the wall framing today as well as putting on the last sub floor boards. Ya hope winter is late, just till I get the roof on and the wood stove in. Roof trusses will be delivered by the 23rd so I need to have all the walls standing by then. We are working hard at getting done. Wishing I was building a place the size of yours.


Evano said...

I like winter, clean and bright, sitting by the wood stove...
However I LOVE the fall!!!
Walks in the woods, hunting, the smell, the colour-
Your on your own pal!

Like the roof too. Watch for sliding ice on your head.
How big and what for is the extension? Can't wait to see the progress.

John said...

Sounds like a lot of work. Keep at it and it will be done soon. I finishing up my roof in between the rain.

John said...

LOL, I'll keep my head up for falling ice. The addition I'm putting on is a shower room and bedroom. I believe I can sell this place faster.

grammie g said...

Hi John... Well it has been miserable the past two weeks here. Temp. close to 99. The humidity just awful. Lawns turning brown, and with the pouring rain we got Saturday they will probably not fully recover.
That being said I kinda agree with you except fall is my favorite time of year. I like to be outside, hate fans and the noise from air conditioners.
Love those mushroom shot's they are very interesting. You will like that roof this winter for sure, and you won't have to keep the snow of the roof either.
Good luck getting your addition on.

Stay safe

John said...

Hi grammie, what a pleasent surprise. I hope you are doing well these days. Those numbers are hot. I am glad we don't have humidity. If our Fall was like yours, I would enjoy it a whole lot more.

Anonymous said...

Hi! John, your roof looks good! Metal roofs are nice, low maintenance and they last long! Glad to see you have another project in the
Works! A bedroom and shower will be more convenient for you and if you do sell! It's amazing all the different kinds of mushrooms there are,
I wish I knew the good from the bad! Pan fried mushrooms are delicious. Thank you for the post and nice Picts and looking forward to your next with some Picts from the past! Take care, KC

John said...

Hi KC, thanks. I have a few different kind of mushrooms. I've never had this many until this year. Another post coming soon.