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The Bush Life
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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Spring has sprung

Yes, Spring has finally made it. The mornings are still cool, in the high 20's to 30's and the days are in the high 50's. As much as I like Winter, this year I am looking forward to Summer. The big reason is, working on my remote cabin. I am tired of working on my town cabin. Just need a change of scenery and having Internet access will be great to share my time out there. This is what it looks like here this morning.
My porta potty finally exposed, lol
This is pretty much what snow is left.
I have been starting a small fire in the mornings just to take the chill off. I let it run out and have no fire until the next morning. I have been doing a few things like cleaning up and some small repairs and cut up a few dead trees for firewood.

Still handsome and rugged at 68, lol

The evenings are really nice. It starts getting dark around 10:30 pm and light around 5:30 am.

Still eating healthy, this is a shrimp stirfry.
This one is a clam stirfry
Steak with Bleu Cheese salad

Last but not least, my friend Randy flew up this last weekend to check out my lake. He changed from skis to wheels and didn't want to take a chance on landing.
When you start seeing discoloration around the edges, good idea not to land. Ok, that's about it for awhile, now that it is getting nicer, I will try to blog more. I have to buy a new laptop to blog, seems my tablet doesn't have enough space to hold pictures which requires me to erase some and don't want to do that at the moment. Hope everyone is enjoying their Spring. 


M. Silvius said...

Hey John, hadn't heard from you in a bit and was wondering how you were making out. Glad to see you are still kicking about. Looking forward to seeing more about your remote cabin.

John said...

Hi Mike, thanks for stopping by. You can't keep an old goat down, lol. There will be lots to come when I get out there.

Anonymous said...

Hi John....Seems so funny to see you with short sleeves and yet there is a wee bit of snow on the ground. The pictures of the sun through the trees are especially beautiful. Glad to see your post and to know that you are working hard on your cabin with success - most of all enjoy! Chris

John said...

Thanks Chris, hot weather has never been good to me, I heat up real easy. That's why I enjoy Dell and Winter. I enjoy the photos as well, keeps me focused on what life is really about.

Evano said...

We are only about two weeks ahead of you John. (Central Ontario)
The seasons go- cold, wet, black flies, mosquitos, deer flies, cold...
Looking forward to getting outside a little more. I didn't get out much over the winter.
Gotta go polish up my fishing gear!

John said...

Hey Evano, I sure am glad we don't get black flies here. We don't have deer here so, no deer flies. We have the rest. Not looking forward to mosquitoes. Fishing, I agree.

Debbie Schreib said...

hey, there you are! took too long for a post. :) good to know weather is warming and you're still eating well. don't stay away so long! Debi

John said...

Hi Debbie, I'm always around, just quiet at times. I will try to post more often.

Washkeeton said...

Hi, glad to see the new post. Went out Sat and had the survey done and marked where I'm clearing eaten up by a swarm of skeeters. How are they out there with you?


John said...

Thanks Wash, no mosquitoes here yet. Of which I'm glad.

Mary said...

I'm wondering how you get such good food? I guess for your remote cabin you must have to really plan ahead. I don't blame you for wanting to get out there.

John said...

Planning the good is the hardest thing, no matter what, you always forget something and pretty much do without until you go to town again. Life is so much better remote.

Anonymous said...

Hi! John, the pictures are nice of the trees and the sky, it's amazing the variation of colors of the sun and clouds! I can tell that you have more spring in your footsteps with the nice weather and your plans to go to your remote cabin this summer! Your dinners really look good!
When you fly out to your cabin will you land on your lake or nearby and hike to your cabin? Take care, KC

John said...

Hi KC, I definitely am feeling better with Spring showing up. I can't wait to get back out to the cabin. We land on the lake only a few feet from the cabin. Stay tuned.

Carol G said...

Yea for longer days. We've had a few days up to 70 but cooler now. Not freezing at night either.

John said...

Our highs now are in the 50's. A little rain now and then. Stay tuned, another post tomorrow.