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The Bush Life
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Sunday, January 10, 2016

The New Year

Howdy, well it's a new year and I survived the transition from 2015 to 2016. The weather is being just as weird as last Winter. It's been a mixture of subzero, warm, rain and snow. I have said this will be a new time for me and I think I am getting back to normal. Here are how the temperatures have been back and forth.

Went from this 

to this

Actually, the temps have been as high as 50. I just forgot to take photos, next time. The birds are doing fine, the feeder has been very busy with the usual Chickadees and a couple of other visitors.

The Chickadees 
Red polls

Introducing for the first time, Mr. Woodpecker 

OK, now for the cooking, yes, I am back to cooking again. First, I bought a new stove and it works great and fits in my cabin very well. It's called the Camp Chef, purchased at the Sportsman Warehouse.

It has 2 burners and an oven with a built in thermometer. 
I decided to try the oven out and made meatloaf but, in a different way. 

I added 1 lb. ground beef, 2 eggs, 1 onion chopped, couple handfuls of Herb Dressing, mixed in some Oregano and Italian seasoning. Mix it all together and then, I put it in a muffin pan.

Ah, finished 450 degrees in 18 minutes.
It tasted really flavorful and moist.

Here are a couple of other things I threw together. Turkey sausage, macaroni, onions, diced tomatoes and some spices. I don't really follow a recipe, maybe I should write them down and share. 

Mushroom stuffed ravioli, Italian herb sauce, topped with Feta cheese.
Sauteed Sausage, onions and sweet peppers.
Grilled Chicken strips on a bed of Lettuce salad and Catalina sauce

As you can see, I am trying to make a comeback, lol. In a couple of days I will write an in dept post about things going on and what is to come. I hope this post will be the appetizer. Take care. 


Mary said...

What a cute little oven. If you could bake in it (bread, cookies)it would be perfect. I can't tell if it's big enough.

John said...

Hi Mary, I can make a 12" pizza in it. I will make some bread and put it on my next post.

M. Silvius said...

You'll need to get a pizza stone, or failing that a decent 12x12 granite tile from your local Homedepot. Make sure it is a non man made product. Just leave it in the oven all the time. You crank up the oven to 500 deg F a half our before you trow in your pizza and it makes for nice crispy pizza and bread making.

John said...

Hey Mike, thanks for the info. A friend of mine suggested the same thing. I will give it a try.

Anonymous said...

Always glad to see you posting. :)

John said...

Thanks Sari, I will get better at it, lol

Anonymous said...

John......That new stove looks mighty convenient for your space! Am so tickled to see all these pictures included in your post - keep up the good work! Thanks for the post - I realize it takes time from your day but appreciate it. Chris

John said...

Hi Chris, thanks. I hope to improve more on my blog. More pictures to come.

Anonymous said...

Hey John
Crazy Wx eh! +35 here today. Nice looking stove/oven. Glad to see your eating well…!
getting low on moose meat here, but got enough halibut in the freezer to make it to May or June.

I too enjoy watching the birds at the bird feeder. I bought some fancy p-nut butter mixed with suet at Freddies that is supposed to make the birds go crazy over it.. They could care less. In the other basket I got Moose suet and they fight over it.Occasionally I get a pair of woodpeckers, they really appreciate the moose suet. It's about time for the Wax wings to invade us and eat up all the rose hips and high bush berries left.

If there was any snow left I'd like to fire up the son-goes and take a ride.. I guess the river trail is do-able, but lots of overflow and open leads.. not my cuppa tea. Did you ever find a tie-rod end for that polaris?

Old John

John said...

Hi John, as of 3pm, it's 30 degrees, clear, sunny. I'm the same way, like to take the Arctic Cat out but, don't want to travel alone, on the waterways especially. I priced the tie rod at Hatchers Pass Polaris, $40. I will check EBay and Amazon.

Evano said...

Your getting an Ontario winter. It's like that here quit often, this year especially.
I'm learning the art of bread making myself. Getting there bit by bit. Really enjoying it but getting fat trying the results out.
Have you been for a run on your snowmobile yet?

John said...

Hi Evano, the weather seems to be weird all over. I can't wait to try baking in this oven. I've had it out around the trails here. I'd like to go on the rivers but, not alone. Might be some pictures soon to come.

Debbie Schreib said...

hi, John. love the new stove! I think it's perfect. also enjoyed all the lovely dinners, even if you made me hungry. I want to try the muffin pan meatloaves! our first real snow today, and it is really nice. however, because weather is weird all over, we'll be back up in the 40's by the weekend with rain again. can't believe I'm so sick of mud in Jan.! good to know you are doing well. Debi

John said...

Thanks Deb, hope to make you hungry in the future, lol. We are suppose to have snow/rain today and tomorrow. I could complain but, it won't help. Mud can't be good.

Carol said...

Hi John,
Glad to see you back. I love that stove and sounds like you are very happy with it. Our weather is crazy here too from storms to rain and sunshine in between. The Red Poll bird is beautiful! I don't think we have them here at least I have not seen them. We do have the same woodpecker here. Love that guy! John as I said before I love your meals they are always full of color. Now my mouth is watering too. Always looking forward to your posts.

John said...

Thanks Carol, I do like the stove. The Woodpecker is a pain in the butt. It hangs on the back of my cabin and pecks away at it. More meals to come.

Carol said...

Hi John. Your post is a welcome read! Have you ever done any Dutch oven cooking?

John said...

Hi Carol, thanks. I have done Dutch oven cooking. To tell the truth, I'm not sure why I haven't done more. I just might though. Thanks for the reminder.

Carol said...

I'd like to get into it too.

I updated my new post with pics and a few blessings in the journey.

Anonymous said...

Hi! John, looks like you have been cooking up a storm with that new stove! Everything looks really good!
It's great fun to feed and watch the birds, I have never seen the red polls before, woodpeckers are neat but
can be a nuisance when they peck at the house! I really enjoyed the appetizer of a post, lol
Thanks very much! KC

John said...

I do like the stove, it's perfect for what I need. The birds are fun to watch. I made a mistake, they aren't Redpolls. They are Pine Grosbeaks, my bad. You're welcome KC.

Washkeeton said...

So you like the stove? LOL Kinda looks like the one I have. :-) Does it work well? Im hoping since I bought mine used it will be good. LOL. Love the bird pictures. Also glad to see you posting again. We are still moving, cleaning and selling off stuff here.


John said...

Hi Wash, I do like it and it works great. It's good to get back to posting. Keep downsizing.@

Susan Stevenson said...

I haven't seen any redpolls here in North Pole yet, and I'm glad. They are such piggies - eating all my bird seed and leaving the chickadees starving! :) But all animals/birds are welcome at my house. I'll feed them all - even the gluttons! They are good company on a winter day, that's for sure.

I enjoyed your photos very much. Take care!

John said...

Thanks Susan, I really enjoy the birds, they are good company and fun to watch. They do eat a lot.