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The Bush Life
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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Changes (cont.)

Well friends, here is what's happening with me. I know all of you are looking for pictures and here they are. First, I started yesterday off with a good breakfast.


Beefsteak tomatoes

Early girl bush tomatoes

My green pepper plant, so far it has produced one pepper.

My finished generator shed
I left the top open to let the heat escape and the white vent on side is for exhaust.

And now for the cabin change, this is a big difference from beforebefore

I forgot, I tiled the inside of the outhouse.

Well, that pretty much sums it all up for changes outside. As you all know,, when I change things, it always includes the inside. Yes, LOL, I did make more changes inside. I'm not quite finished yet so you will have to wait. Besides, it will mean another post to look forward to. I hope this post turns out well, I bought a new phone and just learning how to use it. Take care.


Anonymous said...

Hey John
Nice looking Garden produce. I've never grown zucchini before, but going to try "next year".. Another old Veteran friend of mine grows it outside in old tires and his are really huge. He mixes up a lot of compost, Horse Manure, and secret fertilizers with the soil. He cuts the sidewalls out of the tires to give a bigger surface area. I grew some little yellow crooked neck summer squash in tires this year.. Worked great. I kept a sweet bell pepper plant alive for about 5 yrs. Had it in a 5 gal bucket. set it in a south window in the winter, and outside on the south side in the summer. Forgot to bring it back inside one fall til it was too late.

Sharp looking front porch. Perfect for setting and sipping and curing the worlds ills. Like the exhaust vent idea on the Gen shed.

Today I'm pulling ans washing a bucket or 2 of carrots, so the lady in charge can blanch then, bag them and stick them in the freezer. Last year we put up 28 pints of carrots and 20 pints of peas.. We eat a lot of (moose) stews, and you can't have a decent stew without carrots and peas. tried a new type of pea from Denali Seeds this year. "Early Frosty" and it out produces the old standby 2:1. and the vine only grows to 5' (so far) the old Standby "freezonian" will grow up to 7 and 8 ft then fall over and make a real mess.

Later Old John

M. Silvius said...

Good job on the house John. The extended deck looks great. Positively suburban now. Look out though, before you know it you'll be decorating with doilies. ;-) ha ha, All joking aside, its good to hear you have been keeping busy. Best medicine for the brain, heart and body is to keep busy with fun projects. That way the gremlins don't have space to bother you, and at the end of the day you can sit back with a cold one and admire your handy work. Keep at it.

John said...

Hi John, thanks. I have already broke the new porch in on a hot day with a couple ice cold Coronas straight out of the freezer. I'm really glad how my vegetable garden turned out this year. Next year I plan on nice raised gardens.

John said...

Hey Mike, thanks. I do like the way the deck turned out and as I told Old John, I broke it in already. I' m finding more annoying people than I care for and since my town cabin is pretty much done, I can focus on my remote cabin.

Carol said...

Hi John, Love your new deck and your window box of flowers! The new generator shed will be great in the winter and can store stuff in too. Your sure did spruce up the outhouse with the tile. Your garden is doing better than ours. Everything here is late. I have some green peppers on our plants but they are tiny tiny. You did great this year in the garden. I can't wait to see the changes in the cabin too. You have been busy as a beaver! Very nice!

Debbie Schreib said...

hi John! it looks FABULOUS! what a great deck, and I adore your window box. mmmmm...good eats coming from your garden plants. (I always drool over your breakfasts/dinners!) Debi

John said...

Thanks Carol, great to hear from you. I am feeling good how the projects have turned out. It feels great to have a nice deck to sit on. I figured the window flowers would brighten things up. I am amazed at my garden also. I'm getting better at gardening.

John said...

Hi Debbie, really good to hear from you. The window flowers add a nice touch. I will be doing more cooking and baking soon. I'm kinda coming out of my slump. Stay tuned.

Mary said...

Nice little cabin!

becky3086 said...

The house looks great John and that is the nicest looking outhouse I have every seen, lol. Your garden is looking way better than mine as I didn't plant a thing this year. Hope you get a few more peppers. I have never had any luck here with bell peppers but I can seem to grow banana peppers.

John said...

Thank you Mary, glad you stopped by

John said...

Hi Becky, the cabin is coming along just fine. Hope to work on my remote cabin this year. All I need now, is a good Bush woman, lol. The pepper plant is showing more activity.

Anonymous said...

Hiya John....looks like you've been busy...things are shaping up...your meals are looking good and healthy....sounds like your a man with a mission....glad to see you posting...been down here with rotator cuff problems's seems lots better...have to do some physical therapy. ...get n olé ain't for sissy s lol...just dropping in to say hi....Take care my friend. ..Bert from Bama

John said...

Hi Bert, thanks, I sure got a lot done. Sorry to hear about your medical problems. Hope you heal soon. I have to admit, I'm getting old to, but, trying not to show it, lol. Take care of yourself.

Carol G said...

Hi John! I love to see your garden projects thriving. Our AK gardens never did much. This year I've been growing both a garden and some deck bags. I must have forgotten to plant regular tomatoes - only getting little cherry ones. Only one pepper plant survived, but it has 4 green peppers coming on. I have nice basil, cucumbers, lettuce, watermelons, a cantaloupe, and a muskmelon, among a few carrots. Today I planted beets, Swiss chard, lettuce, chives, peas and broccoli for a fall crop. Hopefully it will do well. I'm enjoying the climate here. Warm, but not too hot this year. I don't think you'll enjoy your new deck rails when you have to shovel snow this winter. I'll try not to be so long in visiting your blog again.

John said...

Hi Carol, first, you can take as long as you want, I always enjoy hearing from you and reading your blog. I have a lot of tomatoes but, only 2 are red and the others green. I got one green pepper and it tasted good. All my cucumbers were about 12" long. I am getting better at it. I will enjoy my deck this Winter, wait and see.

Carol said...

Looking forward to seeing what you mean about your deck. I'm going to try to post some pics on my blog if you want to come back tomorrow to see.

John said...

You bet I'll be checking your pics out.