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The Bush Life
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Saturday, June 13, 2015


I feel morning coffee is the most important part of my day, next to waking up breathing. It is the one thing I look forward to, looking out the window watching the birds landing on the bird feeders, the butterflies fluttering around, the squirrel trying to get to the bird feeder, the bees pollinating the flowers and the morning sun rising in the sky spreading its light on the flowers. I sit anxiously waiting for my coffee to finish perking and filling my favorite cup. The smell of fresh perked coffee waifing through the cabin, Mmmmm! I do enjoy my coffee. I drink anywhere from 4-6 cups every morning. When I'm done with morning coffee, whatever is left over goes in the fridge to be consumed later as ice coffee. I've been told I drink to much, oh well, there are worse things one can do in life.

The weather has been rainy the past week and this morning the sun is shining. I expect we will have some nice weather for a few days. I like the fact that, more flowers are blooming on my property and not having to look at the same old  green and brown colors. It inspires me to brighten up my property even more. I do plan to repaint the cabin a lighter color.


In the past, I never really paid much attention to birds, flowers or insects for that matter. Recently, I watched a program on PBS about the important roles they all play in our lives and it added a bit more knowledge of how precious life is. It's kind of an awakening, so to speak. Anyway, I still like my clouds. Here are a few pics of clouds.

Ok, enough of the cloud photos, I'm sure many of you are not all that interested in clouds. I for one could sit on my deck or lay down on nice green grass and look at them for hours. It helps me to think about things and life, you can say, it clears my mind of clutter. Anyway, I noticed this little guy on my screen, not sure what it is, don't have a book on bugs, but, thought it worthwhile to add to my collection of photos.
I think I will spend more time enjoying little things like this, it is way better than worrying about politics and all the bad stuff going on in this world. I've actually been thinking since I'm retired, I would like to spend some time volunteering with some wildlife organizations now and then. Just a thought, something that may be worthwhile in my life. Ok, enough for now, hope you all have a great Summer and get all your projects done.



Anonymous said...

Hey John… Morning coffee.. It takes at least 2 cups of old fashioned Navy style coffee fort me to get my heart pumping again. Did you drink much coffee before you went in the Navy ? I didn't, I was a farm boy and mostly drank fresh (RAW) milk. But I was quickly indoctrinated into the Navy Ritual of drinking Coffee. As the on-coming watch, you expected a fresh pot of "joe" to be ready for you.. And as the off-going Watch, you made dang sure there was a fresh pot for your relief.. And then there was always the new guy who didn't know the difference between a fresh water tap and a salt water tap… But quickly learned the difference when the Chief tasted the fresh pot… made with salt water… I too drink too much coffee, in the afternoon I like a cup of coffee sweetened with a little KY export.

Looks to be a bumper year for wild roses. I have a thick patch of wild roses up against my back fence. They were kinda thick last year so I trimmed them back a little, but they are thicker than ever now.. kinda enjoy looking at them. The aroma, altho quite light, is pleasant too..

Those little white flowers of yours, isn't that some kind of berry ? I'm going to have a bumper crop of wild currants this year.. provided I can get them picked ahead of the birds. Always wanted to pick enough high bush cranberries and currants to make some wine..

Doing any fishing in the Parks hwy streams yet? Heard from a friend who got a King out of Montana Ck yesterday. I've got about half a years supply of fresh Halibut in the freezer now. Looking forward to the Coho coming into Resurrection Bay.

tight lines John

Old John

grammie g said...

Hi John... Coffee can't face the day without it, but I have it only in the morning.
Great post, now you have some new interests to play with.
The first white plant, looks something like Labrador Tea, but not sure, but it pretty. I love roses,that's a nice shot of it! Dandelions must grow just about everywhere, and the yellow can brighten a day.
The last one is Bunch Berry they make such a nice carpet of white!
I never get tired of sky shot's with the exception of rain clouds :}.

Thanks for sharing some more of your world


John said...

I was 17 when I went in, I drank coffee but, nothing like my first 6 months. You do learn, coffee and cigarettes were a daily ritual. There was always a pot of coffee going. I am getting more flowers every year now since I cleared the property. Having it exposed to the sun helps a lot. Not fishing yet, hopefully soon though.

John said...

Hi grammie, I pretty much drink mine in the morning also, although, I do like to have one or two ice coffees towards the evening. To me, coffee tastes good hot or cold. The clouds are what makes the sky, without them, the sky is just blue, very boring. Sometimes rainclouds can be kool. Sharing is my pleasure.

simplyfree said...

Hi John, I love coffee too especially in the morning with breakfast. I love your wildflower pictures. We have wild roses here too. Even dandelions are beautiful and bees love them. Sorry I can't tell you what that bug is. Your cloud photos are great. I think volunteering with a wildlife organization would be great for a guy who loves the outdoors as much as you do John. Thanks for sharing and keep enjoying the small things in nature. Hope you get your projects done too and sneak in some relaxing time too.

John said...

Thanks Carol, I never really gave much interests in flowers until recently, I now realize that color makes you life better.

Rumbarr said...

Hi John, sorry late reply but the bug looks like a spruce beetle .

John said...

Thanks Rumbarr, that's what it is. That's not good, first time I saw one here.