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The Bush Life
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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Fire Update

It's reported the fire has been reduced by 500 acres, but, it is still a threat, especially if the winds pick up in any direction. My older neighbor had to go to Wasilla to have some stitches taken out and asked me to ride with him. This is the first time we have left our places since the fire started. I must say, it was very Erie  traveling the road and seeing the burned trees and houses and cabins burned to the point where only tin roofs lay on the ground. We could see spots by the road smoldering and small fires along the way. Hot shots walking the side of the road, blackened faces, tired and clothes dampened by sweat. These people are heroes. It was reported that the Willow Fire captain was fighting the fire while his own house and everything he owned , burned to the ground. A neighbor at mile 78 where the fire started, had lost his house to a fire last December and had just finished putting the roof of his newly rebuilt house only to watch it burn to the ground.

After witnessing the devastation, I am beginning to think about things, people and my own thoughts and life. I think something in my life is going to change very drastically in the not to far distance. Enough of that, the day here was really hot, in the high 80's, no wind or breeze. I covered both windows facing the setting Sun to keep it a bit cooler.
Bought a fan for the small window. It gives a breeze, a warm one.
Then, I tarped both sides to keep the Sun off the porch hoping to cool it off some.

I bought this 5 cu. ft. freezer for $50 and it works great
I have done a few changes here but, need to do more before I show everyone. I can't think of anything else for right now. Take care


simplyfree said...

Hi John, I am glad things are a bit better but I know it is not over yet. I am sorry for all those people who have lots everything but I am happy so far you are ok. You're so right about those who are fighting the fire being heroes. May God bless them. John I was wondering is this a normal temperature for Alaska? We have had a few warm days but not like it should be. Really good price on the freezer. Thanks for the updates John and please keep us posted on how you are doing.
Take care,

M. Silvius said...

Glad to hear the fire is somewhat contained and the lack of wind has helped. The heat sounds brutal. Not fun at all. I realize this is not an every day occurrence but some prevention might go a long way to help protect your property in the future. A good fire break around it is definitely in order. Perhaps some corrugated metal for the roof and even the walls of your house would keep the sparks from finding a place to take a hold.

Anonymous said...

Hi John.....I recently found your blog and am enjoying reading it very much. It was so weird to read that you have a feeling that there is a big change "in the wind" for you in the not too distant future......I, too have recently felt that way and so I can understand your feelings on that - it was just astonishing to read that others get that sensation too! It is good to know that the fire crisis has subsided a bit for you and sad to hear of the losses. Please stay safe and continue to post as you are able.....thank you. Chris

grammie g said...

HI John... Glad to hear from you and things are a bit better. It has to be a terrible helpless feeling be at the mercy of the wind's, and not be able to help yourself or others.
So odd that you are having this heat, and we are a bit cooler then usual.

The air must be smoky where you are. I remember quite a few years back when there was a big forest fire somewhere around the Quebec Canada area and we had days of smoke filled couldn't believe it could travel so far. Hurts the eyes, and breathing. Is any of that happening for you?

So sad for those who have had so many loses!

I like my Maine, well so far anyway. Been here all my life, and don't care to experience any strange weather that other states have. I'm okay with snow over any other other weather events.

Thanks for keeping the reports on the fire, and again stay safe.

If you get to hot you could sit in that freezer now and then. LOL


Anonymous said...

Hiya john...hoping the next update is better...can't imagine being at mother nature's hands...hoping this gets under control very soon... gotcha in my prayers and thoughts. ..take care my friend. .Bert from Bama

John said...

Thanks Carol, this weather is not normal, seems within the last 8 years have been getting hotter and hotter. It doesn't look like it will cool down.

John said...

Hi Mike, I can't cut any more trees around my place. Metal on the roof is a possibility but, I don't care for metal on the sides.

John said...

Thanks Chris and welcome to my blog. Glad you are enjoying it. I will try to keep it as interesting as I can.

John said...

Hi grammie, it's very strange, I smell the smoke only during the night. Keep showing those beautiful pictures, I may have to move there, lol. I will need a bigger freezer, lol

John said...

Thanks Bert, I hope the next one is better also. Thanks for the concern.

Mary said...

This brings me back to my Alaska firefighting days. It sounds like there's still a lot of fires, people I know are headed up there. Not me unfortunately. Wish I could help.

John said...

Hi Mary, there are a lot of fires but, most ate contained.