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The Bush Life
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Monday, June 22, 2015


Good news, it's been reported the fire is reduced to 7200 acres, I've heard 2 different reports that the fire is contained either 53% or 79%, I hope the latter. Those who were evacuated and/or lost their home are now permitted to return to their property and travel on the highway is now back to  normal. I am very relieved. I mentioned how the Willow Fire Captain had lost his home while fighting the fire, well, the Alaska State Troopers caught a couple trying to steal things from his property.

I guess now I can finish the projects that I started without fear of losing them. I'm also making plans to make a trip to the remote cabin as soon as I can save enough to fly out and back. Depending on the type of plane, the trip each way is $350-$450. I need to finish my projects first.  Any way, I mainly wanted to update you on the fire and my situation. I appreciate all of your kind words and concerns for me and those who were impacted my the fire. It means a lot. Thank you.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Fire Update

It's reported the fire has been reduced by 500 acres, but, it is still a threat, especially if the winds pick up in any direction. My older neighbor had to go to Wasilla to have some stitches taken out and asked me to ride with him. This is the first time we have left our places since the fire started. I must say, it was very Erie  traveling the road and seeing the burned trees and houses and cabins burned to the point where only tin roofs lay on the ground. We could see spots by the road smoldering and small fires along the way. Hot shots walking the side of the road, blackened faces, tired and clothes dampened by sweat. These people are heroes. It was reported that the Willow Fire captain was fighting the fire while his own house and everything he owned , burned to the ground. A neighbor at mile 78 where the fire started, had lost his house to a fire last December and had just finished putting the roof of his newly rebuilt house only to watch it burn to the ground.

After witnessing the devastation, I am beginning to think about things, people and my own thoughts and life. I think something in my life is going to change very drastically in the not to far distance. Enough of that, the day here was really hot, in the high 80's, no wind or breeze. I covered both windows facing the setting Sun to keep it a bit cooler.
Bought a fan for the small window. It gives a breeze, a warm one.
Then, I tarped both sides to keep the Sun off the porch hoping to cool it off some.

I bought this 5 cu. ft. freezer for $50 and it works great
I have done a few changes here but, need to do more before I show everyone. I can't think of anything else for right now. Take care

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Photos of the fire

At the moment, big clouds are forming and weather reports say we are going to have thunderstorms without the rain. This has the potential to be bad. If it produces lightening, chances are another fire could start here or somewhere else. It's 5:25 pm and I can here thunder far off.

This is just a sample of what is going on. Those of us living close to the fire aren't getting much sleep, were afraid to sleep thinking the fire will get out of control and word of evacuation won't come fast enough or not at all. 

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Big Fire

There is a big fire in progress at this moment. It started 3 miles South of my town cabin, so far no threat to my place. We have prevailing winds out of the North pushing the fire South. It is said to be 200 acres so far. I have been watching planes that are flying over my cabin dropping water on the fire. These planes came down from fairbanks, these planes are very kool. They are low wing aircraft on floats. The fly over the Susitna river scooping up water and then dumping it on the fire. Here are a few pics I got.

Looking at the smoke from my cabin
The planes

I hope they get this fire controlled and put out soon, temperatures are 80-90 degrees and making it dry,  we call it a recipe for  fire

Update: As of  8:10 pm, the fire has grown to 1000 acres. Some homes were lost and more expected to be lost. Although the winds are keeping the fire away from my area, they are fanning the fire. So far, no fatalities reported.

New update: As of 9:50 pm the fire has grown to 1800 acres and spreading.

Monday morning update: As of 5:30 am. The fire has grown to over 8500 acres, 1700 structures evacuated, 1 fireman treated for heat exhaustion. No fatalities. 5 hotshot crews from the lower 48 have arrived to help, 5 military helicopters hauling large water buckets are involved

Some photos of the fire

The last report is 217 structures burned and some animals, which includes sled dogs. It's reported there are several Hot Shot crews already working the fire. Earlier, we watched Smoke jumpers jumping over the fire. 5 more crews are on their way here. Canada is also sending help. Traffic controllers have set up at the entrance to where my cabin is, but no word yet of evacuation. The winds presently are 5 mph. It is reported that the winds will pick up to 25 mph. this afternoon. I have some clothes, important papers and medication packed and ready to go. My fingers are crossed. Stay tuned.

I took this picture about 7:40 pm

These are pictures of the big tankers


Add caption

I just have to say, this heat is way to much for me to handle. I am not getting very much done. It is what it is.

UPDATE 6/16/2015: I just received word my friend Dee Dee Jonroe who lives 3 miles down the road lost her home, cat and 2 dogs. Dee Dee is a breast cancer survivor and has run the World famous Iditarod Sled Dog race 33 times. She did manage to save 52 dogs with the help of Martin Buser, he is another well known Iditarod musher. The fire has become stagnant which is good in a way but, can also mean it could go in any direction depending on the wind. I have a few things packed and ready to go. Thanks to those of you for your words of support and concerns.

Saturday, June 13, 2015


I feel morning coffee is the most important part of my day, next to waking up breathing. It is the one thing I look forward to, looking out the window watching the birds landing on the bird feeders, the butterflies fluttering around, the squirrel trying to get to the bird feeder, the bees pollinating the flowers and the morning sun rising in the sky spreading its light on the flowers. I sit anxiously waiting for my coffee to finish perking and filling my favorite cup. The smell of fresh perked coffee waifing through the cabin, Mmmmm! I do enjoy my coffee. I drink anywhere from 4-6 cups every morning. When I'm done with morning coffee, whatever is left over goes in the fridge to be consumed later as ice coffee. I've been told I drink to much, oh well, there are worse things one can do in life.

The weather has been rainy the past week and this morning the sun is shining. I expect we will have some nice weather for a few days. I like the fact that, more flowers are blooming on my property and not having to look at the same old  green and brown colors. It inspires me to brighten up my property even more. I do plan to repaint the cabin a lighter color.


In the past, I never really paid much attention to birds, flowers or insects for that matter. Recently, I watched a program on PBS about the important roles they all play in our lives and it added a bit more knowledge of how precious life is. It's kind of an awakening, so to speak. Anyway, I still like my clouds. Here are a few pics of clouds.

Ok, enough of the cloud photos, I'm sure many of you are not all that interested in clouds. I for one could sit on my deck or lay down on nice green grass and look at them for hours. It helps me to think about things and life, you can say, it clears my mind of clutter. Anyway, I noticed this little guy on my screen, not sure what it is, don't have a book on bugs, but, thought it worthwhile to add to my collection of photos.
I think I will spend more time enjoying little things like this, it is way better than worrying about politics and all the bad stuff going on in this world. I've actually been thinking since I'm retired, I would like to spend some time volunteering with some wildlife organizations now and then. Just a thought, something that may be worthwhile in my life. Ok, enough for now, hope you all have a great Summer and get all your projects done.


Monday, June 1, 2015


Well, it's June and the hot weather is setting in.
I didn't think the hot weather would start this soon. I really haven't been doing to much lately. I did get my tomato, bell pepper and strawberry plants.


                                    Tomato in the black planters, Bell pepper in the red one
I saw these flowers and thought they would dress up my driveway and provide some color. Everything is brown and green, very depressing. These are called Gerbera Daisy.
I decided it was time to build my generator shed

This is the beginning of the project and I hope to finish it soon. Right now, I am spending most of my time going to the VA for yearly tests I have to do them twice a year to keep my medical eligibility. I am also going to Acupuncture once a week. I hope to come up with more posts soon.  I will admit, I have been kinda lazy concerning everything and hope to perk up. Take care