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The Bush Life
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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Back from my trip (continued)

Ok, I get back on Tuesday, once I settled down and popped open a Corona, it occurred to me, I have no car and I need groceries. I then remembered, there is a bus service here so, I looked them up on the Internet and got their number. Called and they said they have a 16 passenger bus that goes to Wasilla and they will pick me up at my door and drop me off at my door. The fare is $15 round trip and $10 for Seniors. I said sign me up. They go to town Monday and Thursdays. Thursday, they picked me up and there were 9 people on the bus including me. It was nice, clean and comfortable. When we got to Wasilla, the driver pretty much said, he will drop people off anywhere and to call when finished. I got to go to 3 stores. We left my cabin about 11am and got back about 3:30pm. For $10, you can't beat the service. I've decided to use this service for shopping all the time. Saves on gas, wear and tear on my car and don't have to put up with traffic. Just sit back and relax.

Friday, I didn't do to much, saw my elderly neighbors were back from Idaho, jumped on my snowmachine and went down to visit them for awhile. They said they were going to town on Saturday and asked if I needed anything and I told them propane and they said they would take my small bottle and fill it. I gave them a card I got for Subway and told them to have lunch on me.

Saturday rained all day and was just miserable and melted most of the snow, making conditions for river travel bad and possibly dangerous, so, I won't be traveling to my remote cabin anytime soon. Today is Sunday, woke up to 42 degrees and rain, was sitting having coffee and all the snow on my roof slid off, scared the heck out of me, nearly dumping my coffee, lol. It's 2:53pm and I just finished packing boxes of food to haul to my cabin. I decided to do this blog and fired up my laptop and heard the sounds but, the screen is blank. Has to be the battery, I kept getting messages to replace it, but, I didn't listen. Anyway, I'm going to have lunch and watch a couple of movies. Take care, have a nice day.


Carol said...

It's nice you have that bus system. How long will you be at your remote cabin? Will you have internet access there? Get pics of your remote cabin.

John said...

My plan is to move there permanently and enjoy life in the Wilderness among Nature. I am working on the Internet thing. I will have phone service.

Kimberly F said...

I hope you get internet so we can all keep up with your adventures! How far away is your nearest neighbor at the remote cabin? The weather has been so crazy this winter....40s in Alaska and below zero where I am in NY! Tonight we are supposed to get down to -13 with winchills of -30 below. Brrrr!

John said...

Hi Kimberly, yes, the weather here has been very unusual. I have 2 neighbors, one is 1500ft. across the creek, one across the lake and my friend and his wife who operate a remote lodge 16 miles to the North. I am working on Internet access.

.Pete said...

How'd you go with the car John, was it blowing heaps of smoke out the exhaust.

If not it may be a simple leak somewhere, maybe hole in the sump or sump gasket.

Heap of oil for sure.

Nearly Autumn in Aus, 25C today.

regards, Peter

Rumbarr said...

Hi John, hey I had to let you know what happened a few days ago. I got frostbite on my hands, can you believe it ? frostbite on my hands in florida

John said...

Damn! Sorry to hear that, hope it wasn't too bad. This weather is nuts.

John said...

Sorry Peter, missed your comment. Turned out to be the Timing chain gasket. Temp. today was 36F.

Anonymous said...

John, When your screen goes dark on laptop, try removing the battery, wait a short time, firmly replace battery and see if that cures the problem. Had a tech do that on mine, and it started working again.

John said...

Thanks, I will try it but, don't think it will work. My laptop has been recommending to replace my battery for the last month. I didn't pay attention. If it works, I'll let ya know.