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The Bush Life
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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Not much happening

  Well, it's been about 10 days since I posted on my blog and not much has really happened since then. Since my last post it has been pouring rain so, nothing much got done outside. I did manage to get the outhouse painted and I put a sign on it also. The sign is a piece of slab wood that a neighbor was going to throw away and I took it thinking I could use it sometime in the future which worked out for me.



   I did this with a magic marker. When I get some black paint and a small brush, I will do it better. Whatcha think?

   Because the days have been so blah, I decided to make some Chicken soup. Just took the chicken out to break up in pieces.

  It doesn't look all that appetizing but, it was tasty.

  The end product, it did hit the spot.

  I have 2 little squirrels that have become attached to me and are probably looking for a meal.

My new wood stove I picked up

  I will wire brush it and when I get to town, buy some paint and a new gasket for it.

  Some extra shots.

The woodpeckers are back

The weather is starting to get a little better so, I hope to get out and do a lot more work. This isn't one of my good posts but, at least it something. Take care.


Rick said...

I love the outhouse sign! You did a great job on it.

Evano said...

Impressive dude!
Becoming quite the estate.

Love the wood stove too. Cast iron holds the heat so well at night.

John said...

Thanks, it will get better

John said...

Thanks Evano, I was lucky to find this stove.

Anonymous said...

Hey John
good lookin stove. Should work very well once you get it warmed up. You should be able to do some cooking on the top of it..! Should work very well keeping the coffee pot warm too! Nice paint job.
Old John

John said...

Hey John, I can hardly wait to get it set and put it to use. See ya soon

grammie g said...

Hi John... Sorry so late, to much to get done this time of year !!

That is one spiffy looking outhouse, and the sign is great!! : )
Hard to be think about a wood stove after all that heat, but it looks like you have picked up a good one, with dual purpose , heating and cooking! : }
Hearty looking soup with lots of protein for you!!

Take care and thanks so much for your kind comments on my blog!!


John said...

Hi grammie, thanks. It will be fun using the new wood stove. I just may look for another one and have it in both cabins. I really enjoy your blog, your photos are so beautiful and besides, I get to see wildlife I don't see here in Alaska. Especially the birds.

CottonLady said...

Hi John!

I've been gone to see my aged mother this week and am just now catching up. Hey, a great lookin' outhouse! Quite spiffy. I like the paint color...and by the way, I like the new color of your cabin, too.

Stove looks great and should clean up good and be a great heat source this winter.

You soup looks delicious! I love a hearty soup, too.

Hope you weather improves for you.


John said...

Hi Cotton, welcome back. Thanks for the nice comments. The weather is getting much .better

Carol G said...

Hi John. I love that you care to paint your outhouse, rearrange your furniture, cook yummy meals and are just all-around domestic. I just don't understand why you haven't found yourself a good bush woman!

John said...

Hi Carol, to tell the truth, I can't figure it out myself. I have been on many dating sites, free and paid ones. I think I will do what Jenny is doing and use my blog. What the heck.

Anonymous said...

Best outhouse sign I've seen in a while! Keeps you from getting confused when those Coronas gang up on you! :) Kidding...I love seeing the woodstove. My grandfather had one that looked alot like it and I vividly remember him making pancakes in cast iron skillets for me & my brother on it many times before taking us hunting. Thanks again for sharing and PS, your posts are ALWAYS interesting! -Dave from PA

Anonymous said...

Best outhouse sign I've seen in a while! Keeps you from getting confused when those Coronas start to gang up on you! :) Kidding...I loved seeing your woodstove. My grandfather had one that looked alot like it. I vividly remember him making pancakes in cast iron skillets for me & my brother many cold mornings before taking us out hunting. Thanks again for sharing, and PS, your posts are ALWAYS interesting! -Dave in PA

John said...

Hi Dave, I heard you the first time, (ha ha), just kidding also. Good to hear from you. I'm thinking about putting bars inside in case of to many Coronas, LOL. I can hardly wait to cook on the new stove, it is a lot of fun. Take care

Penny said...

Hi John,
I'm still here! Can't wait to see what tasty suppers you get going on that stove. Whoever invented cast iron sure knew what they were doing, right? Or maybe they had not idea that it would be such an enduring marvel! I hear the fireweed has reached the top already up there in your neck of the woods. Get ready!

John said...

Hey Penny, thanks for stopping by. It is going to be a lot of fun cooking on this stove. Yep, Fall is close by. I can hardly wait for the snow to fall.

Rumbarr said...

John, you look like from the kitchen pic you dropped a few pounds over the summer . Nothing like homemade soup =)

Anonymous said...

MMM MMM that soup looks good...especially with the cool, rainy weather we are having. A nice way to warm up.. Love the outhouse sign. Where do you keep finding these wood stoves and things? Cool. The newer ones aren't as nice as the older ones. The newer ones are lighter.

Next summer I hope to have more vegies from the garden/greenhouse. Almost have the foundation complete for my arctic entry.


John said...

Hi Rum, I did lose a few pounds and the soup was good.

John said...

Hi wash, I find things when, I cruise, Craigslist, Alaskaslist, ebay and so on.