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The Bush Life
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Friday, June 21, 2013

Heat relief and more work

  It would seem we are finally escaping the heat wave that has plagued us for awhile and hopefully we won't have to go through this again. I for one can't stand high temps. I am comfortable with daytime highs around 68 degrees, 70 tops. These are the temps I have had to endure.

This next one was the temperature this past Monday. the most brutal of all.

  Not only was the temperature brutal, the mosquitoes didn't help any. Although, when it got to 104, the mosquitoes went away and I was able to open my door to the cabin. It didn't take them long to come back though. It was impossible to do any outdoor work without dousing yourself with repellent and wearing a head net. During this time I decided to put a roof over my deck with the idea of enclosing it and have an Arctic Entry. Then, put a deck on the front of the cabin being accessible from the Arctic Entry. My neighbor came over to help. He installed the roof supports and roof.

 As usual, my projects don't happen without some kind of mishap. Yep, fell off the ladder again. LOL

  Caught this little fella on my window screen

  And this guy on my door window

  For the news on going to my remote cabin. It should be happening in a couple of days depending on the weather. We are expecting rain and you never know what conditions it can cause. My first trips is to take food and stock the cabin for the rest of the Summer and the beginning of Winter. These containers of food are representative of about 6 more boxes that are ready to go.

  I have lots of canned stuff and tons of rice, beans, dry milk and powdered eggs. I am starting to feel the great effects of finally getting started on my move to my remote cabin. Guess you can say, I'm giddy as a child. Finally, I can start, hopefully exciting everyone with great new photos. Anyway, stay tuned for the next phase of AlaskaJohn's adventure.


Laura Pike said...

Ouch! I don't know how you get anything done in that kind of heat. I have not visited your blog in a awhile, you have some amazing pictures. I will see your beautiful state one day. I am so in awe of the life you are living. Thanks for visiting my blog. Be safe!

grammie g said...

Hi John...That heat must have been hard on the animals as well as humans!!
Is there any snow left on the mountain,hahaha that is some hot!!
We get up into the 90 a lot in summer, and I hate it especially if there is humidity with it !
I could do with 70 to 75 !!
Well do you suppose you should stay of ladders ??? That look like a nasty bump on the arm!!
There is nothing like the noise of a mosquitoes around your head , or anywhere !! I couldn't stand that grrr!!
I look back at your tqo previous post!! What gorgeous streams, mountains and the Moose with the baby was quite the sight!!!
I started to get your post feeds again so will be able to keep up on what your up to besides falling of ladders!!

Take care

CottonLady said...

I know you will enjoy the roof over your deck and the covering to keep those giant mosquitoes out, too. Looks good!

Now about that ladder.....I guess I won't tell you to stay off of it, because, like me, if you don't do it, it won't get done. Just be careful!!

That's kind of unusual heat for AK isn't it? It gets hot here, but I'm in Texas, so expect it. Don't like it,but do expect it.

I 'think' the drought may be broken here. We've had numerous storms over the last 1 1/2 weeks. It came at the cost of all my cotton, but at least it is raining again.

Take care and enjoy your trip to the remote. I look forward to hearing about it.


John said...

Hi Laura, I ddn't get a whole lot done. Glad you enjoyed the photos, it is very nice to see you back. Caution when you come to Alaska, you won't want to leave.

John said...

Hey grammie, that heat was tough on everyone and everything, except fish, lol. Yep, still snow on some mountains. I'm really glad you enjoyed the photos. Ah, the ladder, I'm a tough old bird.

John said...

Hi cotton, that is unusual weather for here. I'm already enjoying the deck. You're right about the ladder, even though they keep bucking me off, lol. It will be great returning to my remote cabin.

Anonymous said...

You can always tell people you bounce when you fall off the ladders...LOL. You really have been lucky to not break something...

How do you get to your remote cabin in the summer? Just curious..

Between the heat and the skeeters, work has slowed to a crawl. My poor pigs, they got so skeeter bit and sunburned. They are enjoying the cooler weather now. Raised beds filled, I will start planting and transplanting later today. Lots of stuff happening here.


John said...

Hi wash, it's good to know I still bounce at 65, lol. I go by floatplane. The skeeters are bad everywhere. I can't go outside and work without a headnet and sprayed down. Can hardly wait for fall.

Anonymous said...

When I spray seems to attract them more... Been eating heavy on the onions and that hasn't fazed them either..I have a hard time eating garlic so avoiding till the last if totally necessary.


Carol G said...

that looks like some wicked temps. I'm glad it doesn't get much over 80 here. Yea for the ocean to moderate the weather here! I've enjoyed the temps here, but not a big fan of the skeeters - they are making it hard to enjoy anything outside except when right by the shore getting the ocean breezes. At least we have that. Tim and the kids went to watch the boretide expected in this evening on the Turnagain Arm. Wish it would have been yesterday - then I could have seen it as I was in Anchorage yesterday...

Hope you are staying cool now and that you get a frost soon to kill off the skeeters! :)

John said...

Hi Carol, the temps have finally receded to 80 degrees and less. The mosquitoes are a different story. They are a pain. I can't wait for Fall and Winter. The bore tide is kool to watch.

Anonymous said...

What is a bore tide? When does it come? Or how do you know your going to see it?


Anonymous said...

Hiya John looks like you have been getting some work done.Better watch those ladders miss one rung and your bustin what hits tha ground lol...Ouch!Be careful..Hate skeeters myself I think they know when im around they come from miles.The roof on deck will make it good to sit on porch when it rains with coffee.Alaska is breath taking would love to see it sometime..well John take care talk to ya later...Bert from Bama

dawn Hughes said...

Hi John, I sure hope that your leg is feeling better, that looks painful. I have heard about the temps in Alaska on the news and sure hope that you can find some relief soon. Your porch and paint job look great. Loved your shots of the moose, looks like it was a lovely day trip. Safe travels to you on your trek to the remote property. take care.

John said...

Hi Bert, the fall is fine, it's just when you hit,LOL. The skeeters are what is the worst thing for me, then the heat. Eventually, I will enclose the deck for an Arctic Entry and then build another deck. Take care

John said...

Hi Dawn, actually it was my arm. Seems every time I fall off the ladder, my arm takes all the abuse. It is suppose to start cooling off any day now. Glad you enjoyed the photos. Take care

Brawny said...

Hate to show my ignorance, but what is an Artic Entry, through the roof top, up near the eaves?

I'm from the lower 48, only been in Alaska 2 weeks and already I got to admit I'm a newbie :(

John said...

An Arctic entry is when you enclose a porch with an entry to a cabin.