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The Bush Life

The Bush Life
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Saturday, January 19, 2013

OK, as I promised

I know, I said Friday but, things didn't work out that way. I'm here now. To start we did get a lot of rain and the temp. jumped way up.


The road got slushy

With the warm weather, my trees that got buried started showing up.

Then, the snow came back

Yep, you guessed it, time to shovel the snow again. It wasn't as bad as last Winter.

Oh! High there

Disaster almost struck, we had gotten a very wet snow and it weakened one tree enough to almost fall on my cabin. Good thing I spotted it and made a controlled fall. Whew! Now,that was close.

A woman started a dating magazine a few years ago called "ALASKA MEN" mostly well groomed guys from the road system. I was asked to pose for another magazine called "REAL ALASKA MEN" { we put moose on the table, not in our hair, LOL}. Contain yourself ladies.

Yes, I was joking. Yesterday, as I was looking out my window, seems like hundreds of "RedPolls" decended on my feeders. They were fun to watch.

The pictures do get better.

I think this guy liked mugging for a picture.

Took this one this morning.

There really isn't to much going on at this point. I ran out of paint and need to go to town...UGH! to get more. The temp. this morning is 16 degrees. Hope everyone is staying warm. I think this is a good day to make soup. Later.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Winter is back

Well, as usual, I forgot to upload pictures from my camera. It has been raining hard here for a few days and made for an awful mess. The highest temp. was 44 degrees. Now we are back to the 20 degree mark and everything is slippery and miserable. While it has been raining, I have been working on the inside of the cabin painting the walls. It is coming along fine and brightens the place up at night and day. Really isn't to much to say today, I will have more to say and show Friday. I just wanted to check in and let you know everything is fine.

Monday, January 7, 2013

The mind is a terrible thing to waste

Point is,if you don't use your mind, you cease to exist. I think I will always be around because,I have so many things running through my mind, it never shuts down. Even when I sleep it is still working. I know this because, I am constantly waking up in the middle of my sleep when something comes to mind. Then, I will get up heat some tea or hot chocolate sit in my new recliner and ponder that which invades my mind while I sleep. WOW! That's deep, LOL. Anyway, I know I have mentioned this many times before and always come back to my usual conclusion. Not this time, I have decided once again to go deeper into the BUSH. I have been getting the inside of my town cabin finished so that I can rent it out by the day,that way if I need to, it will be available for me to use if I should need to. I will keep it available for friends who find themselves in trouble and need a place to stay for a while. Pretty much, nothing will happen until this Spring but, should the right opportunity present itself, I will lock up this town cabin in a heartbeat. I have put some feelers out to remote lodges that I would caretake for free. Most already have them but, sometimes they have problems and look for someone. There is no way I will spend another Winter on the road system and hopefully after this year another summer as well. Anyway, that is what is going on at this time.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year New Thoughts

Hi everyone, it's a New Year and I feel rejuvenated. I have been working on the town cabin trying to make it as comfortable as I can and I am close to getting done. Here are a few pictures of things I have done.I pulled my new woodstove out, it was way to big for my cabin and I replaced it with my stove I use in my wall tent.

It works way better and uses less wood and lasts longer, go figure. I bought a chair from Value Village who wanted $39 but, I talked them down to $29

My neighbor who was with me use to own a large furniture retail store and carried this brand " The Big Chair Co." in his store and told me it retailed for around $500. What a deal, it was leaning to one side, when I got it back to the cabin, I turned it over and it needed 2 small bolts, I fixed it.
  This is what the living room part looks like.

 Now for the kitchen area. New shelving I built and painted.

I took some evening photos with the oil lamps.

A friend brought this back from Maine as a present for me. I am going to make a nice frame for it.

Back at work, only so far, not as much snow as last winter.

Some ramdon photos

Looking out my picture window


Anyway, that's what has been going on besides cutting firwood. I can't get up to my remote property because the snow is to wet and my lake is unstable. The new news is: I am going back into mushing and will be building a kennel for 5 dogs. I will be running them between both places. So, things are changing for 2013. Still haven't found a BUSH WOMAN yet, still working on it. Anyway, I hope everyones 2013 is a good one. Take care