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The Bush Life

The Bush Life
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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Every day, change is taking place

Every day is a new beginning for me. I am finding more and more my interest dwindling here on the road system. This morning I walked outside with a cup of coffee and looked over my property. What I saw disturbed me, there are things that really don't belong, as they are made of manmade material. I have gathered many of the material things I have aquired that is not needed in a back to basic lifestyle and am either selling or giving away and I find it easier to give away than to sell. I will get rid of my cellphone hopefully in one month as soon as I take care of a few things. The Internet is still up in the air. I plan to build a log cabin at Lake Clark and I will sell my remote property and quite possibly my town cabin. These things are just possessions and more than I need. At Lake Clark, I will have everything I need. Fish, meat, clean water, wood for heat and cooking, mountains, rivers, creeks and glaciers and distance from the influences that have taken over my life. I just don't know what else a person needs in life. Just making this post makes me feel good. I will communicate by letter writing, a lost art, LOL. I know many of you will be somewhat disappointed if I rid my self of the Internet but, hope you will understand. I will at least keep it as I progress more and allow you to progress with me. I am sure you will understand. I will be back Tuesday.

IN MEMORY of  Seaman Edward S. O'Brien and Third class Raymond L. Cork, Jr., my two best friends who served in in Vietnam with me, were killed in action December 4, 1967.

                               MY BROTHERS

Monday, May 21, 2012


There isn't a whole lot going on, I have basically been slacking off on the work that is needed around the town cabin. Just having trouble getting motivated. There is one new thing, I just picked up a canoe for my remote place. I traded my camper for it.

It's an old smokercraft made with aircraft aluminum so, it is lightweight and easy to handle, it has a squareback for a motor which is nice. I like the real flat bottom which makes it easier to carry frieght. Oh and it doesn't leak, which is a big plus. It seems like June will never get here, I am biting at the bit to get out to my Skwentna property and to start taking stuff out to Lake Clark also. I need to start clearing the downed trees at my town cabin.

As you can see, the snow is disappearing more and more. The one good thing about the snow is, I am using it to chill my outdoor fridge for now. Anyway, just wanted everyone to know what is going on. See ya all on Weds.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Hi everyone, just thought I would stop by and let you know what is going on so far. NOT MUCH. Woke up this morning to

Yep, you gotta love Spring. Sure glad I brought my tomato plants in that my friend John gave me.

Sunday was a beautiful day and didn't feel much like sitting around or working so, I took a ride down to Kashwitna Lake and hung out for awhile. I wanted to fish for some Rainbows and took my gear but, I discovered I had forgotton my license and with my luck, I would have gotton caught. So, I took some photos.

This one is looking towards "Denali".

After awhile I decided to go over to Grey's Creek which runs behind my property. This is where it runs under the Parks Highway.

Then it runs towards my property.

While walking around, I found a couple of interesting things. 4 moose legs which I'm sure some hunter dumped there.

Then, I found the skeleton of a bear cub, poor little guy, I think he may have got hit by a car and wandered down to the creek.

Aside from that, my day was pretty boring and quiet. The days seem to be creeping by slowly. The end of this month, I will fly out to Lake Clark and take some stuff out and stay a few days then, back to town and get some supplies and head out to Skwentna to do some work. Some how retirement seems to be turning into a full time job. I also have a lot of work to do on the town cabin. I really can't wait until winter when I can take it easy. Other than what I have posted, I can't think of anything else. See ya all Wednesday.